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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The one speech that disturbed me the most at the RNC, besides Donald Trump's acceptance speech

Lady, Hillary Clinton didn't kill your son, terrorists did!.

Speaking of Strumpet's speech, here is a fact checker:


  1. That poor woman has been exploited, or more accurately, her grief has been exploited. She has been encouraged to focus her blame until it is unrealistic. This phase of grief should have been replaced by a calmer acceptance and a move on to make her own life more meaningful. I hope she is rescued.

  2. As a mother who has lost a daughter, I have experienced that unspeakable pain.
    However, her outrage and blame was so completely off the wall. I only have anger and disgust for her allowing herself to be so compromised with such misguided rage and hate.
    She sure as hell did not honor her son or any veterans with that display. I hope she wallows in her own muck and mire for eons.
    Either that or some compassionate soul does an intervention and gets her some kind of treatment.

    1. That was pretty devoid of compassion. I blame the Trump crew for shamelessly exploiting her. She isn't in a place where she can make logical decisions. Meanwhile the ambassador's mother has come out to shame the repugnants for their exploitation.

  3. That was seriously tragic in so many ways. If the audience accepts this as truth and obviously they do - that's the darkest lie ever told by a politician trying to get elected. I was very troubled by this woman's grief and accusations that she holds Hillary personally responsible. That's so disturbing to witness how trump and other repubs sink so low they would encourage this to go on.


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