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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The RNC convention has been worse than imagined

The potential First Lady plagiarizes her speech, takes two days for Donald to find someone to blame.

Chris Christie tries to put Hillary on trial.

One of Donald's advisers called for the execution of Hillary Clinton and warranted the attention of the Secret Service.

B list actors such has Antonio Sabato Jr and Scott Baio insult President Obama and call him a Muslim.

Each of Donald's grown children plead "vote for my daddy!"

And the biggest buffoon in the history of politics secures the nomination.

Yep can't get any better than that.


  1. ... And costs for us tax payers is $50 Million! (That is, what the feds are paying, IOW, US. :( )
    Seems like Cleveland alone has something like 500 cops, and they called in something like 5500 cops from out of state. Add military, which are in the background...

  2. And the truly scary part for me is that because now that he is the official republican nominee, he is entitled to national intelligence briefings between now and the election. Yeah. Donald J. Trump with our national security and intelligence information.

    I am so afraid.

  3. And that info will go straight to Putin, via Manafort...

  4. Excellent summary of the evil that is Trump:

    Pass it on.

  5. H.O.L.Y S.H.I.T!!!

  6. Well heck. I tried to take a break from the RNC freak show and shop online. There's a big anniversary sale at a huge unnamed retailer. But wait - up pops ivanka crappy shoes with "sweepstakes entry" reviews gushing about how great the China crap is. Oh yeah I'm sure those reviews are by people who really bought the items.

    Oh come on - is this just all a fake reality show pushing brands and merchandising?

    I cannot believe how gullible the American public is. What a long grifting con this Trump sh@tshow is.


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