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Friday, July 22, 2016

Tim it is!

Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate.  She made a good choice.  I thought she would have chosen Tom Vilsack.


  1. As late as Wednesday, he was showing whose side he's on in the world of MONEY. 28 senators signed a letter to the CFPB urging them to tighten their new law against abusive payday lending. Tim Kaine did not sign it. On Monday, he signed two letters urging the federal regulators to GO EASY on banks-one was to help big banks dodge risk management rules, and another to help small banks avoid consumer protection standards. As for his new position against the TPP, it sounds like Hillary's. Whatever it takes. She made the right decision where electoral votes, and the appointment of a replacement are concerned, but as for their claim that he's a liberal, it's a joke. More of the same in Hillary's World. Protect the banks, screw the people.

  2. Tim is a liberal and a saint. He has done nothing in his life but work for the poor and minorities. The same with his wife. Read!

  3. Kaine is a centrist corporate Democrat with many conservative views, just like Clinton is. Read!


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