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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Track Palin has a hearing tomorrow

From Radar Online

Sarah Palin’s son is heading into treatment instead of jail after his January domestic violence arrest — and his own lawyer told he needs help for his alcohol problem!

Track “has been assessed” by the VA, his attorney, Kevin T. Fitzgerald told Radar, and at a hearing later this month, he will receive his proposed treatment plan.

“I would expect it has some alcohol component,” Fitzgerald said. “In all candor, Track could be well-served by treatment.”

As Radar reported, the treatment option was offered by the Anchorage DA as part of a sweetheart plea deal Track cut on July 11. Although he had previously been charged with domestic violence assault, interfering with a domestic violence police call, and possession of a weapon while intoxicated, he pleaded guilty only to the third and the other two were dismissed.

See when your a Palin living in Alaska, you get special treatment.  Ask Diana and Willow.

But if you are a Sherry Johnston who was set up for selling painkillers, you go to prison.

According to Alaska Courtview Track is due in Veteran's court tomorrow.  Who wants to guess what will happen.


  1. Sarah's interference in Track's problems is only setting him up for a big fall later. Eventually, he will either kill himself or someone else.

    1. Who do you think murdered Jill the Miracle Therapy Dog?
      They always practice on animals first, then graduate to humans.

  2. Given the number of guns in the Palin households, the love of being intoxicated, the lack of impulse control, and the number of small children running around unsupervised, it will not surprise me when someone is shot and killed.

  3. AHHH, thanks, SPHASH for the reminder. $ara's hoping we've all forgotten about this next court date for her precious first-born.
    So maybe THIS is the reason behind her latest Fecebook post(saw it on IM). She's kissing all her kids' asses, and I wondered why.

  4. IF he enters any type of alcohol treatment (and/or drug treatment!), it will be worth ZERO. Because afterwards, he will be released to the same surroundings - or, if it is not a residential treatment, but one he goes to once/twice/week, he will each time go back to the same surroundings that fed his addiction in the first place, and he will revert to his before state. Or will even get more violent, when he realizes he cannot finish the program, because everybody around him still drinks and does drugs. Potentially he will even get belittled by his family that he is a 'pussy' for not even taking a tiny little sip of alcohol.

    My prediction: he will not finish the treatment program. No idea if the law then finally will get tough and put him in jail (and get him the treatement there (?) ).

    1. They already said if he doesn't finish the program the most he will face is a 180 day SUSPENDED jail sentence, and a "limited probation" - whatever that means.

  5. Is it that time already? I imagine that since his last appearance in court, Track's problems have all magically gone away, treatment completed and he is as good a new. The problem is that we have seen public evidence of this kind of behavior from Track since he was 15 years old. And he probably acted out before then to cause his godfather, Curtis Menard Jr. to stop into Sarah's office and tell her to spend more time with her kids. Yes, I imagine by now Track is all done, until the next time. Note to Jordan and Sarah: It is not going to get better. Each new episode will be worse than the last one. You know how bad it is. You have already had the warning.


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