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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why hasn't Sarah Palin come in defense of Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her old boss Roger Ailes from FOX News.  Since then six more women have come forward and said they were subject to the same abuse.

Even Megyn Kelly has admitted that Roger came on to her.

Sarah worked off and on for FOX News from 2010 to 2015.  So she had a lot of contact with Roger during those five years.  I wonder if she reciprocated his advances.  Wouldn't be surprised if she did.


  1. He did say he employed her all those years ago because she was "hot".

    But anyone could see she was nuts, so he probably gave her a wide berth.

  2. "But anyone could see she was nuts, so he probably gave her a wide berth."

    Not to mention the severe body odor thing.

  3. $ara won't defend these women because she's pissed that fat old toad didn't hit on her...compared to many female employees of FOX, $ara is OLD OLD OLD and up close, strange looking and stinky.
    In her sick little twist of a mind, she's the sexiest ticket around, and how dare Roger leer and drool at Gretchen, Megyn, etc., and NOT HER?! Queen Esther's the Hotest!

    This is what happens when you base your life on your looks. Looks fade. $ara hasn't looked remotely pretty since 2008, when the GOP threw every kind of stylist at her, and hundreds of thousands $$ in richbitch clothes. Anyone would look great, or at least better, with access to all that.
    Bitch aint special except in her own fevered little brain cell.

  4. Roger Ailes hates Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin hates Roger Ailes . By the way , Rupert Murdoch hired Sarah Palin , not Roger Ailes . Look it up!

  5. Roger Ailes hates Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin doesn't tolerate the crap FoxNews gives her . Palin and Ailes stand each other , if he tried anything , she would have blabbed and still be working for FoxNews .


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