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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Willow Palin is having a birthday today!

Willow's birthday really is today per Alaska Courtview.  In the past there has been some confusion over when her birthday is...July 4, 5 or 9.

Anyway Willow don't party too hard like your big brother.


  1. Sarah wrote in her book of scribble that her tight abs prevented her from squeezing Willow out on the Fourth, and she was born on the fifth.

    Malia Obama WAS born on the Fourth of July. Her mother is a true patriot and so are her abs.

  2. Just another unmarried, uneducated, barely working Palin spawn. I have never seen such a family of lazy takers in my life. If little Momma didn't have her grift going on, they'd all be on the street somewhere begging for quarters.

    1. What exactly is so wrong about being unmarried, especially at Willow's age? I despise the Palins as much as anyone, but it would be much worse if she were having children at such a young age like Bristol did. And frankly, I doubt you have any actual knowledge if how often Willow works. In the 21st century, UT's perfectly fine for a person to remain unmarried even for their whole life. Many people are not cut out for that kind of lifestyle. It is a CHOICE that we are all entitled to make for ourselves.

    2. I think that the answer lies some place between the other comments. There is nothing wrong with Bristol being unmarried. Judging from her instagram photos, she loves coloring hair. The only hair style that I associate her with is that silly top knot of hair on top of the person's head, kind of like a sumo wrestler from japan.

      I am going to put a few different items together and wonder if there is a connection. Last year, when Bristol accompanied Sarah to the Shot Show and CPAC, Bristol showed off her new expensive Louis Vuitton handbags, over the shoulder bag and tote, not to mention her expensive Louboutin pumps, plural, several pairs. Thanks, Mom, thanks PAC. Well, it must have been painful for Bristol to give up that important dermatology work to accompany Sarah who cannot travel alone.

      This time, it was Willow who accompanied Sarah to NYC, taping Sarah's appearance on the match game and then on to Colorado. On her instagram, Willow writes that she was just in Arizona. My that gal gets around, and on the salary of a hair stylist. I don't mean this to be snobbish but I don't think that Willow makes the kind of money to provide a side trip to Arizona, but I do think that like her sister, Willow was paid to accompany her mother to NY, Colorado and any other place where Sarah needed someone to hold her purse.

      Sarah wrote on her facebook: Happy Birthday Willow Bianca! Looking forward to the expansion of her superb business that taps her talents to make everyone feel their best: the "Willow Bianca" We love you - over the moon - Willow Bay! This makes me think that if Willow opens her own hair salon soon, it will have been Sarah (or really, her PAC) has bankrolled Willow to the shop. Maybe Willow got to keep the tote she carried for Sarah. Other possibilities? Bristol will sign on to give facials at Willow's Bazaar de Beauty, maybe sell those diet shakes in the salon as well. So far Bristol does skin, Willow does hair, so I predict a future for Piper doing nails. The Three Sisters Salon, which they could not afford on their own but with some help from Sarah and her PAC, just add it up to postage and incidentals.


    they'd all be on the street IN SPENARD begging for quarters.

    OR selling somethin

    1. Don't forget that Brissie sells milkshakes.


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