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Friday, July 29, 2016

Wrap up of the DNC convention

Here are some of the best speeches of the convention:

Barack Obama:

Michelle Obama

Joe Biden

Jill Biden

Chelsea Clinton:

Elizabeth Warren

Khizr Khan, father of a fallen solder

Last but not least Hillary Clinton:

Oh and Bernie you can go fuck yourself after announcing you are returning as an independent.


  1. Hi SPHASH! Of all the speeches on the final night of the convention, Mr. Khan's was the most powerful and emotional! WOW!! With just a few words over a couple of minutes (not 70 minutes!), Mr. khan ripped The Donald a new, yuuuge asshole!! I was overwhelmed as I watched this brave man, along with his wife, tear down the hateful rhetoric that Trump and his ilk have sown! I applaud their courage and strength in sharing their vision of patriotism!!!


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