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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Before the Republicans and Obama haters get in a tizzy over Malia Obama's time at Lolapalooza, remember this

Jenna and Laura Bush:

The whole fam Palin damily: (except for the little ones)

Noelle Bush:

Republicans I don't want to hear a fucking word out of you.


  1. No shit SPHASH: those fuckin' hypocrites better keep their traps shut! They shit all over the First Family over anything they consider "immoral", but give the fuckin' palins a free pass for boozing, drugging, whupping, and having bastards out of wedlock!!


    "The rowdy daughter of a Florida Tea Party politician shoved a nightclub staffer and tried to bite a police officer, drunkenly claiming she could do as she pleases because her dad is running for U.S. Congress, Palm Beach Garden police said.

    Lauren Elizabeth Spain — a 21-year-old senior at the University of Alabama and the daughter of congressional hopeful Paul Spain — was arrested early Saturday, two days before the Crimson Tide’s championship win.

    “She was celebrating with some of her friends prior to the Alabama game, and she got a little out of control,” Paul Spain told the Daily News Tuesday. "If you ever went to college you can understand that.""

    So what is Bristol's excuse?

    What is Track's excuse?


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