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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Did Sarah Palin sell her house?

From Redfin

Sale Pending
Redfin is unable to take you out on tour to see this home because the sellers have accepted an offer and the property is now pending or under contract

Skank bought the house for 1.7 million, and the listing price is 2.375  million which comes out to a profit of no more than $675,000.  However when you take out the taxes (IRS pay close attention to this one), assessments, and upkeep it would be closer to half of that.  So that would come to $337,000 which would keep SarahPac alive for six months at the most.

Me thinks Sarah put it out there as sale pending because I have been questioning if she has sold it yet.


  1. Also subtract any improvements they may have made.

  2. They added a basketball court. Plus moneys going out for;
    monthly upkeep (yard, housekeeping, electric, water etc)
    Mortgage (because we all know Sarah would never part with her "own" (Pac) money, when you can get a bank to pay for it

  3. I thought a home was supposed to be a warm, welcoming place. I looked at the photos of the interior . . . the house is cold and hard . . . lots of tile, marble, granite. Uncomfortable furniture. Bland color scheme. Big ugly flat screens all over the place. I guess that's the difference between a "house" and a "home."

    You may be able to plop down $1.7 million for the house but you cannot buy class and style for any price.

    1. I personally think she put that out there to shut you up, Old Redneck. We'll just see if it actually sells and for what price.

  4. How much will the realtor make off this deal?

    At one point, I think Sarah thought she would take John boy's job when he retired or died. She must have given up on that. Maybe when she realized it might involve some real work. So now she can sell her residence in Arizona.

    1. The realtor gets usually 6%.
      6% of $2,000,000 is $120,000. Gotta take that also out of the 'wins', and then $he is lucky to break even - especially since she has to pay property taxes each year, insurance each year, security, pool service, maintenance, utilities - all whether anyone lives there or not!

  5. I believe her property tax rate is around $18-20K/year. No idea about the insurance - which usually is quite a bit higher for unoccupied properties than for occupied ones. Count with $5000/year (?).
    She put in the atrocious basketball court, which probably cost somewhere around $20K. Made maybe some other 'improvements' for another $20K. The realtor will get around $125K if she is able to sell it for her asking price. No idea, if she has to pay mortgage or if she paid cash. If she pays mortgage, it comes to a hefty amount, depending on how much she financed.
    Her profit, if there is any, will be negligible, not enough for them to live on for even a year. Besides, they will have to re-invest or pay hefty taxes if she doesn't do it within a set amount of time, and at a higher price than what she paid for this mansion.

  6. They bought another piece of property in AZ for just under $1million this time last year so maybe they are planning on building an even uglier mansion.

  7. "maybe they are planning on building an even uglier mansion. "

    Or a Church. North Star Cathedral. Still think it would be Sarah's best scam. She can record sermons written by somebody else and sell books written by somebody else, and make videos of her Christian lifestyle and so forth.

    Just because it's listed as being under an offer doesn't mean that what's been offered is what the asking price was. We just bought a house, and the listing said the house was in the process of being sold, but it didn't change the price- and we didn't pay their asking price.


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