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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump has no regard for the military, even Dakota Meyer admits it

In recent days Donald Trump slammed the parents of a fallen US soldier who happened to be Muslim,

He also downgraded General John Allen

And John McCain as well:

Even Dakota Meyer took umbrage to Trump's comments:

Trump claims to have military experience cuz he went to a military school.  But this is what he did during the Vietnam years:

In reality Donald Trump is just a pussy.


  1. Dakota Meyer is a pussy too, nothing more than a part-time spokesmodel. A real man would have a job and support his wife and child... like Levi does.

  2. Dakota is trying to support his wife and child, but unlike Levi who gets up every morning and goes to work to support his wife and family and jealous ex-girlfriend, Dakota's chosen career path is grifting. I'm sure his head works hard every day thinking of new ways to separate the rubes from the hard earned cash that they worked for so that he doesn't have to work for it himself.

    COL Jack Jacobs tells the story of talking with MOH recipient Jimmy Doolittle just before Jack had his own MOH ceremony. Doolittle led the first bombing raid on Tokyo during WWII. Doolittle told him that from now on he would never again be Jack Jacobs. He would be Jack Jacobs, MOH recipient, and that he damn well better live up to what that medal represents, and what that medal represents to all of the past MOH recipients, for the rest of his life.

    I don't know if this particular MOH recipient is a pussy or not, but in my opinion, he is a disgrace to the MOH and all other MOH recipients. Every time I hear Myer speak or write his ignorant and divisive “us against them” hate talk (Republicans good – Democrats evil), I wonder what MOH recipient COL Jack Jacobs thinks of this kid?


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