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Friday, August 5, 2016

Flashback Friday: John McCain has to help Sarah out with her interview


  1. Yes, I remember that- it was like she had to bring daddy with her. It was a fluke she was put on the ticket, it had nothing to do with her being qualified or having outstanding credentials. She only looked good on a resume that had no backbone to it. She is good at being a fake.

  2. Whenever Palin said something that he disagreed with he started to wring his hands!
    Those poor arthritic looking fingers of McCain's were about to pop out of joint due to Palin not knowing when to shut up!

  3. Hard to believe that she could sound even more stupid today, but she does!

  4. They sure tried hard to blame "gotcha question" every time she showed her stupidity and total lack of preparedness, didn't they? I noticed how much better she looked when she had professionals dressing her and doing her hair and makeup. She proved time and time again that you might be able to put lipstick on a pig (or, as she loved to say, a pit bull) and underneath they are still just a pig or bitch. John McCain will never outlive unleashing that craziness on the US. History books will always show what a colossal lack of judgment that was.

  5. Is this the place to make a Flashback Friday request?

    Lynn Gattis (Tea Party from Wasilla) just lost her primary.

    "PARTYING FOR PALIN Lynn Gattis is an organizer of the “victory celebration” in Sarah Palin’s hometown, Wasilla, Alaska"

    "Typically on an election night, said Lynn Gattis, an organizer of the Wasilla event, “We go to a local bar or watch on our own TVs, but this one is a big hoo-hah.”

    "The festival will feature gun-safety sessions, a flag ceremony from the Boy Scouts and vendors hawking Palin memorabilia, including wineglass charms — trinkets to identify one’s glass at an event — in shapes like lipstick and high-heeled shoes. The Colony High School Marching Band from nearby Palmer will perform what Mrs. Gattis contended would be a special preview.

    “The band is going to the inaugural parade!” Mrs. Gattis said. “We bought their uniforms on eBay, and they’ve been practicing. I’ve got my inaugural ball gown, tan-spray can and all.”"


    "Speaking to reporters in Arizona before leaving, Palin said she didn't believe her selection as McCain's running mate was a factor in their defeat.

    She said nobody should give her that much credit. Instead, Palin said, voters were swayed by what she called a "woeful" economic situation.

    But she said if she cost McCain even one vote, she's sorry — because she believes McCain is the definitive American hero, and that she "had believed that it was his time."

    Meanwhile, Palin supporters started packing up Wednesday at the unofficial campaign headquarters office in Wasilla.

    Lynn Gattis and Capi Coon loaded signs into trucks, and boxed up computers, printers, office supplies and even a fake plant with two U.S. flags stuck in its base before taking it all to storage.

    However, they left up photo and newspaper displays until Palin can stop in and see the level of support her hometown gave her.

    "Sarah's not done. This is just a kickoff," Coon said"

    This Lynn Gattis:

    JUNEAU — Wasilla Republican Rep. Lynn Gattis faced a backlash Tuesday for comments she made about elderly Alaskans in a television interview, suggesting they might be better off moving as lawmakers slash subsidies and services to close the state's massive budget gap.

    "Alaska is a tough state for older folks to live in, slipping, falling, icy, so on and so forth," she told KTVA in a story that ran Monday. "So if you're not working, on a fixed income, sometimes there are other places that are less expensive to live."

    1. Well in case you need some more material on this deposed Teabilly from Wasilly:

      The expensive erroneous and unneeded easement:

      "Washington, D.C.—Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) called on Alaska’s U.S. attorney and attorney general to investigate Alaska state Rep. Lynn Gattis (R-Wasilla) and her husband, Richard Gattis, for taking $65,225 of taxpayer funds in exchange for an easement on their land that they had no right to grant.

      After the Gattises were caught, the easement was released but the couple declined to return the money."


      "CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan asked, “How is it that a public servant gets away with pocketing $65,225 in taxpayer dollars in exchange for absolutely nothing? Lynn Gattis didn’t sell the Brooklyn Bridge, but the deal she made isn’t far off. She sold an easement she had no right to sell and then kept the taxpayers’ money when she got caught. This is exactly the sort of self-serving conduct Alaskans have seen far too much of in recent years.”

      The Gattises purchased land from the state of Alaska at a reduced rate because its use was restricted to agricultural purposes. Later, the couple took out loans from an Alaska agricultural fund. A term of one the loans was that they could not transfer any interest in the land that contravened the farming only covenants. Despite the restrictions, in September 2011, the Gattises sold the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Borough an easement to build a temporary road on the land for $65,225, in violation of the loan provision and the farming only covenant.

      Rep. and Mr. Gattis insisted the easement agreement include a provision holding them harmless if anyone came after them for violating the restrictions. After Alaska’s State Division of Agriculture discovered the easement in the spring of 2012, it asked the Attorney General’s office to enforce the restrictions, which resulted in the Gattises being warned to remove the easement or repay the loans within 30 days. The Mat-Su Borough released the easement and the road was never built, but the Gattises kept the money."

      More on the easement:

      "Gattis, a freshman lawmaker running for a second term, issued an angry statement Monday calling the request a politically motivated attack and "old hash served up warm again."

      "My family did not 'decline' to return the money that the borough paid us. The Borough is honoring a business contract and we were never asked to give the money back," the statement said. "I have great distain [sic] for Washington DC getting involved in Alaskan projects, especially in such a baseless and inflammatory manner.""

      That's how it works? Maybe in Alaska!


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