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Friday, August 19, 2016

Flashback Friday: Lynn Gattis and her party throwing

From NY Times

Sarah and the Pit Bulls. Although this Civic Festival is ostensibly nonpartisan, it is billed on the Web as a “victory celebration.”

At the same hour in Washington — 7 p.m., East Coast time — the doors to the New Bethel Baptist Church will be flung open for what the Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, a former aide to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., calls a “watch-night service,” also replete with food and televisions (but minus the alcohol).

“I am cautiously optimistic that before the night is out,” said Mr. Fauntroy, the church’s pastor, “I will experience what I do at weddings: someone singing, ‘This is the moment.’ ”

On the evening of Nov. 4, true believers from each party will gather at churches, meetings halls, block parties, bars and parks between Wasilla and Washington, anticipating a communal exaltation of historic dimension.

But for millions of others, it will be a night infused with body-quaking fear on a seismic scale, about the economy, employment, war. Conversations last week with quotidian voters — as well as not-so-quotidian ones — suggest that many people may want to gather less for a party than for a huddle, a support group. Republicans are hedging their bets. Democrats say they are wary, skeptical, superstitious even. Judging by them, and not the polls that favor Senator Barack Obama, if there’s a donkey braying in the land, that would be Eeyore.

“I don’t know anyone who is planning to whoop it up,” said Diane Asadorian Masters, an Obama supporter from West Lafayette, Ind.

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Kyle T. Smoke, chairman of the College Republicans at the University of Texas at Dallas, said that his group will not attend the student government’s bipartisan party. Instead, members will watch with the grown-ups at the Dallas County Republican Party’s gathering. “Tensions are high,” he said. “We think it’s in the best interest to be with our own people so we can either celebrate or sulk together.

”By contrast, the ebullience of organizers of Tuesday night’s events in Wasilla and Washington seemed unassailable. Perhaps that was because they will be celebrating themselves as much as their candidates.

In Wasilla, Mr. McCain and the Republican Party seem like afterthoughts, wafting after what is essentially a love-fest for Sarah Palin and small-town Alaska.

Typically on an election night, said Lynn Gattis, an organizer of the Wasilla event, “We go to a local bar or watch on our own TVs, but this one is a big hoo-hah.”

The festival will feature gun-safety sessions, a flag ceremony from the Boy Scouts and vendors hawking Palin memorabilia, including wineglass charms — trinkets to identify one’s glass at an event — in shapes like lipstick and high-heeled shoes. The Colony High School Marching Band from nearby Palmer will perform what Mrs. Gattis contended would be a special preview.

“The band is going to the inaugural parade!” Mrs. Gattis said. “We bought their uniforms on eBay, and they’ve been practicing. I’ve got my inaugural ball gown, tan-spray can and all.”

Since 2008 Sarah has slid into obscurity, and Lynn Gattis has been voted out of office:

"Washington, D.C.—Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) called on Alaska’s U.S. attorney and attorney general to investigate Alaska state Rep. Lynn Gattis (R-Wasilla) and her husband, Richard Gattis, for taking $65,225 of taxpayer funds in exchange for an easement on their land that they had no right to grant. 

After the Gattises were caught, the easement was released but the couple declined to return the money."


"CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan asked, “How is it that a public servant gets away with pocketing $65,225 in taxpayer dollars in exchange for absolutely nothing? Lynn Gattis didn’t sell the Brooklyn Bridge, but the deal she made isn’t far off. She sold an easement she had no right to sell and then kept the taxpayers’ money when she got caught. This is exactly the sort of self-serving conduct Alaskans have seen far too much of in recent years.” 

The Gattises purchased land from the state of Alaska at a reduced rate because its use was restricted to agricultural purposes. Later, the couple took out loans from an Alaska agricultural fund. A term of one the loans was that they could not transfer any interest in the land that contravened the farming only covenants. Despite the restrictions, in September 2011, the Gattises sold the Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Borough an easement to build a temporary road on the land for $65,225, in violation of the loan provision and the farming only covenant.

Rep. and Mr. Gattis insisted the easement agreement include a provision holding them harmless if anyone came after them for violating the restrictions. After Alaska’s State Division of Agriculture discovered the easement in the spring of 2012, it asked the Attorney General’s office to enforce the restrictions, which resulted in the Gattises being warned to remove the easement or repay the loans within 30 days. The Mat-Su Borough released the easement and the road was never built, but the Gattises kept the money."

More on the easement:

"Gattis, a freshman lawmaker running for a second term, issued an angry statement Monday calling the request a politically motivated attack and "old hash served up warm again."

"My family did not 'decline' to return the money that the borough paid us. The Borough is honoring a business contract and we were never asked to give the money back," the statement said. "I have great distain [sic] for Washington DC getting involved in Alaskan projects, especially in such a baseless and inflammatory manner.""


  1. Lynn Fattis is a criminal who obviously took lessons from $arah Asshole Palin and her crew of sychophantic sybaritic parasites.

  2. So where is the local DA and a visit to a local court???

  3. "So where is the local DA and a visit to a local court???"

    Well then, since you asked, Gattis has spent some time in court. (Bonus Alaska is a small place...who was Ryan's defense attorney?! Rex Butler!)

    It's not just teabagging wingnut Lynn Gattis messing up in the Valley, she has at least two sons!

    One is Robin Gattis who is currently a federal prison inmate serving a sixteen year sentence for major drug importation and dealing. PRO TIP: Don't sign for any packages from China sent by "Bruce Lee"!!!

    "The son of a state legislator, who admitted to dealing the drugs that killed his friend in 2012, was sentenced Thursday to 16 years in prison during an emotional hearing in U.S. District Court."


    "Court documents filed by prosecutors say Gattis had three kilograms of the methylone sent to him from China in powder form, packed it into pills and sold it in Alaska. Prosecutors said Gattis' friend, 20-year-old Matt Scott, hosted a three-day party at his Anchorage condo in April 2012 at which Gattis supplied the pills.

    Scott died of a massive methylone overdose, according to sentencing documents.

    Prosecutors say Gattis knew Scott was overdosing but did nothing to help him because he was already out on bail on state drug charges and on probation for assaulting his father. Gattis denied that charge during Thursday's hearing."


    "O'Hare received a telling Facebook message from Gattis the day after Scott died, Bradley said during the hearing.

    "Yesterday was the longest, trippiest day of my life," Gattis wrote in the message, presented as evidence as a screen grab from Facebook. "I saw my bro's dead body and fled a crime scene before police arrived. But it's a day in the life of Robin Gattis."

    A Washington state psychologist who evaluated Gattis in September was the only defense witness. David Michael Dixon said Gattis described himself as the son of an absentee father and an overbearing mother, who balked at rules and authority figures."

    Then there is Ryan Gattis.

  4. Ryan Gattis is some sort of tech guy. Remember when Sarah's secret and unofficial governor's email was cracked by David Kernell? Well who apparently helped helped set it up? Alaska is a very small place!

    "WASILLA, Alaska, Sept. 30 -- Gov. Sarah Palin maintained a private e-mail account that she used to communicate with a small circle of staff members outside the state government's secure official e-mail system, according to the Wasilla company that established the site.

    The account was separate from the Yahoo e-mail address that was abruptly abandoned by the McCain campaign on Sept. 17, the day hackers penetrated the account and posted pages from it on the Internet. Palin had routinely used her Yahoo address for state business.

    Quentin Algood, the owner of ITS Alaska, said a discreet e-mail system was created from an old campaign account, with access confined to "a group of people, her closest confidants and co-workers and advisers and the person she sleeps with."

    Algood said the system was maintained by Frank Bailey, a Palin aide. Bailey disputed the existence of the private circle of e-mail recipients run through, the Web site that Algood, a Palin supporter, established free of charge for Palin's 2006 campaign.

    "No, no, completely inaccurate," Bailey said in a brief interview last week. "We haven't used that domain in a long time."

    A spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign acknowledged the accounts in a statement Tuesday.

    "As a champion of government accountability and transparency, Governor Palin was exercising an abundance of caution to ensure that all state and personal business matters were being kept separate," said Meghan Stapleton. "Governor Palin is committed to serving with the highest regard toward ethics.""

    OK Mz.Stapletongue. "Governor Palin is committed to serving with the highest regard toward ethics." If you say it they might believe it? Somehow that statement stinks worse than Serror's debate prep or unscripted interview skills.'s Ryan Gattis:

    " The Yahoo inbox posted on the Internet contained family photos, notes from well-wishers and official state correspondence on pending legislation. "She had a number of personal addresses," said John Bitney, a former close aide who was fired by Palin. "I don't know why so many."

    ITS technician Ryan Gattis described working with Bailey this spring to set up e-mail addresses linked to the dormant campaign Web site. Gattis said there appeared to be 10 to 15 addresses, chiefly the small circle of aides known in Alaska political circles as "Palinistas" for their fierce loyalty to Palin, with Bailey taking system administrator authority.

    "They just wanted an e-mail system that they had control over," Gattis said. He said Bailey also inquired about options for encrypting e-mails but was discouraged by the $1,000 price tag of a commercial encryption product the technician recommended.

    "Here is what I will tell you, is that Frank always maintained the e-mail," Algood said. "We did not create or delete or maintain or monitor their e-mail accounts. They're all self-administered mail servers, independent post offices. "


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