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Sunday, August 14, 2016

From The Immoral Minority: Here are a handful of texts to take our mind off o...

Thank you to Gryphen for continuing to expose Bristol for the bitch and slut she is.

The Immoral Minority: Here are a handful of texts to take our mind off o...: So I was going through my file of texts that I received a couple of years ago and I stumbled across  a few that I thought were kind of int...

And here are the texts:


  1. Goddam but I am glad we have the Palin Freak Show to keep us entertained.

    Think what life would be like if the ONLY thing we had was Donald Trump?

  2. I think it's undoubtedly petty that we can read and laugh at the Sarah & Bristol Show with its cast of recurring characters... but WTF. I don't watch sitcoms. Sarah has made herself completely irrelevant to the political process in the U.S. and has no hope of ever achieving public office, so the only one she's bilking are the people who are stupid enough to fan her. Bristol isn't, well, anything, except a high school dropout on her third or fourth or fifth pregnancy-out-of-wedlock and none of them have the brains to get a good financial planner and hang onto what they've grifted. Shame about Dakota but since nobody's said anything about a DNA test OR an actual wedding, he can probably skate unless he's too dumb to leave- and Bristol posts EVERYTHING on social media since she can't sell it to People, if they were actually legally married, we'd see pictures. Pictures of the tacky gown, the ugly bridesmaids' dresses, the audience (because I doubt if they know any churchgoers so it's unlikely to be in a church), a bunch of kids screaming and running around underfoot, and a drunken Bristol sobbing and peeing her pants after she gets cake shoved into her face... actually, now I think about it, I'd pay to see that picture.

    It's no worse than "reality" tv- in fact better, because it actually is reality. They have no clue how low rent they are. And they want people to watch them, so I don't have to feel guilty.

    1. I think we're going to find very soon that "work ethic" Bristol is preggers again. Stupid is as stupid does, right Forrest?

    2. How can it be petty to laugh at Bristol Palin? She's the one putting her stupid out there for all the world to see, it's not like we're going to her cramped and over-capitalized little house in Wasilla. If she wants to do pathetic things for our amusement then it would be rude not to laugh.


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