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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Malia Litman has a huge breakthrough in her quest for the truth-Update

From the Dallas Morning News

She filed 89 Freedom of Information Acts (89!) and discovered enough Secret Service scandals and cover-ups that even Bob Woodward would be impressed.

For this, she got very little public attention. Until now.

Meet Malia Litman. A retired lawyer and wife of noted Internet entrepreneur David Litman, founder of and now CEO of

She sits at her table in her North Dallas mansion during The Watchdog team visit. 

Hors d'oeuvres were set out before we arrive — something my colleague Marina Trahan Martinez and I are not used to — cucumber slices, cookies, carrots, celery, hummus and pita bread. Her story is so riveting, we don't touch the food.

When the first Secret Service sex scandals broke a few years ago, she grew curious. A former senior partner at Thompson & Knight law firm in Dallas, she knew that federal law allows us to see government documents.

She began filing requests with the U.S. Department Homeland Security to learn of any incidents of agent misbehavior in the Secret Service, any investigations and disciplinary action.

Here, though, are lowlights of behind-the-scenes mishaps of our vaunted Secret Service.

A culture of "wheels up; rings off" meant even married agents could party on foreign trips.

Secret Service K-9 units brought their dogs into their hotel room, which the dogs trashed. The agents made payoffs so the incident wouldn't be reported.

A agent who missed his flight later showed up drunk with two prostitutes. He was not disciplined.

Agents "engaged" with prostitutes in Amsterdam's red-light district during an advance team trip.

A supervisor choked a female subordinate because she rejected his sexual advances.

A supervisor offered a subordinate a larger office in return for sex.

A supervisor took a subordinate to a sex show while on duty.

A male agent's gun was stolen by a male prostitute he solicited online. The gun was never recovered.

A manager in the National Threat Assessment Center forced employees to drink alcohol in his office "so that he could trust them." The same manager was accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment.

Thank you Malia for pursuing this for so long!  Hopefully it won't be long before the Palins are exposed as well.

I know this article in the Dallas paper is a week old, but I had to back it up several days due to other Palin posts that needed to get published first.

Update: Here is Malia on FOX News, yes that FOX News...


  1. Malia's courage and persistence is gaining traction and I think this post is actually great timing to keep this exposure to the forefront. It will have some impact eventually getting the Alaskan scumbag hillbilly her rightful place in history.

    That would be Trump-like corrupt scammer.

  2. Malia does a great job exposing corruption! Keep up the good work Malia, but please stay safe.

  3. I greatly appreciate your help and support! Malia


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