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Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Meme


  1. This picture is illustrative of what Trump is trying to do by inciting violence and murder if he doesn't "win"

    What the racist Orange Bastard doesn't realize is that he's already lost, and now he's nothing but a traitor just like Palin

    1. Yes, why would repubs let this arsehole continue, but to start some kind of war? So the usa can use money for war to make a profit for weaponry stock holders. Why would this powerful repub party keep this orsnge orangutang? As usual have some stupid arsehole they can tell anything to do. Why?

  2. Another fat f@#k who washed out of the military and probably is a worse shot than "Does it kick, Daddy?" Sarah....
    These guys are usually out of shape, cheese dip stupid, and can't make it down a hill without rolling.
    I have yet to encounter one Trump supporter with an IQ above the speed limit. No critical thinking skills or filter.
    Must be like life in Wasilla.


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