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Friday, August 12, 2016

Now Donald Trump claims President Obama founded ISIS

If you are going to blame someone for the creation of ISIS, you can start with these three:

I fear someone is going to get assassinated before November.  I definitely don't want Hillary and President Obama killed.  I don't even want Donald Trump to get assassinated either.  But the way he is acting a lunatic could take him out.


  1. SPHASH - the criminal at the far right end of that photo stood to gain the most from Dubya's illegal wars. Halliburton sure made a lot of fuckin' money courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers! Always remember the old adage "true power rests behind the throne"!

  2. A very valid observation.

    I don't want Trump taken out by an assassin as that might make a martyr of him.
    I will never stop hoping that Palin, McConnell, Louie Gohmert, TRUMP and their ilk would have painful penniless endings after horrendous embarrassment..
    Walking Dead vampire like.


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