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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Obama's approval rating highest in years

From Politico

Barack Obama's approval rating rose to 54 percent after last week's Democratic National Convention, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Thursday, marking the president's highest public approval in the same survey in three and a half years.

Since February, the public's approval of Obama on the job has hovered around 50 percent in the same survey, including after the Republican National Convention when half of those surveyed expressed support for the president and 47 percent disapproved. In the latest survey, conducted by landlines and cellphones from last Friday through Sunday, 45 percent said they did not approve of his performance. 
Approval for Obama is high among women (59 percent to 40 percent), non-whites (77 percent to 22 percent), college graduates (62 percent to 37 percent), people younger than 45 years old (68 percent to 31 percent) and Democrats (89 percent to 10 percent). At the same time, men are split on Obama (48 percent to 51 percent), while whites are largely in disapproval (43 percent to 56 percent), as are those older than 45 (42 percent to 57 percent).

I think when people realize what could happen if this guy is elected, Obama and Clinton's ratings will go even higher:

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  1. The Republicans are so busy trying to cover their latest shame that they haven't got time for the usual Obama abuse. Without the usual Republican shit being quoted in the media the people aren't influenced against the president.


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