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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paul Manafort is OUT!

From ABC

With the resignation of campaign chairman Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign is now without a single senior figure who has ever run a campaign.

Donald Trump's team has always been a lean operation fueled by the candidate himself rather than the organization around him, but from the very beginning the Trump campaign included people who had at least some experience running political campaigns.

But now the top ranks of the team include family members, conservative media executive Stephen Bannon and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, the new campaign manager.

None of them have experience managing a campaign. And aside from Conway, who is widely respected in Republican circles and spokesman Jason Miller who formerly served as Ted Cruz’s spokesman, the Trump campaign inner circle is now without anybody with significant ties to the what was once known as the leadership of the Republican party.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s first campaign manager, was an outsider, but he did run the re-election campaign of Sen. Bob Smith (R-NH) in 2002. The campaign later hired Rick Wiley, who had run Scott Walker’s presidential campaign and Ed Brookover, who had run Ben Carson’s campaign.

All of them had experience running campaigns and all were forced out.

In fact, the Trump campaign has sometimes looked a little like Trump’s old reality TV show, "The Apprentice" -– a series of tryouts facing a familiar fate: Trump telling them, “You’re Fired.”

You know most national campaigns have staff that have worked for a POTUS, campaigned for a POTUS, or had some kind of political job.  You would think Donald Trump would value experience.

Oh and by the way, Sarah Palin had to jump on the bandwagon:

Course we all know Sarah Palin has never been held accountable for anyone, and neither has her spawn.


  1. Sarah, she, the one, who, um, quit her job has no business talking about bosses and employees.

  2. Hi SPHASH! I'm glad to see that this story is gaining momentum. Trump had no choice but to cut Manafort, since the revelation that he was a consultant for a foreign government, and a paid lobbyist trying to sway American public opinion. He became a liability for The Donald and the GOP. As I have stated previously, I believe that Manafort was/is a Russian agent, and Trump is beholden to Russian financiers and money men.

    The FBI, DOJ, and AG's office are now investigating! If there is a direct link between Manafort, Trump, and any foreign entity trying to influence American domestic matters or policy, then that is outright treason! Trump's candidacy should be disqualified, and a grand jury must be convened to indict all who are involved!!

  3. Sarah was a great boss, she never interfered, was never really interested in what anyone was doing, too busy polishing her brand with her girlfriends, only wanted talking points and photo ops- Governor Spokesmodel in dirty clothes, good for nothing.

    Remember how Wallace and Schmidt said the McCain campaign planned to send Vice-President Sarah Palin back to Alaska to spend more time with her family while they replaced her with someone not mentally ill? Imagine the conversations inside the Trump-Pence campaign.

  4. check this out sphash

    "Gattis was with Huggins and his wife as the returns came in Tuesday night, the first showing her with a big early lead, due largely to early voting, that crumbled as fast as it grew. By the 11 p.m. posting, Wilson had passed her and pulled away to win by four points, or 152 votes.

    Wednesday morning, she was wondering what she could have done differently.

    “More important though, is what is the message? I’m still struggling with what the message is,” Gattis said. “Get rid of incumbents, I think I’m hearing.”"



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