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Monday, August 22, 2016

Question for Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?


  1. Sarah! Since you and your ilk read here every hour, note that Malia is getting the exposure for her FOIA requests and lawsuit. And you know what that means!
    Ultimately, this stuff will come out anywhere unless you can kill 'em all with your "Warrior Grizzly" body and whatnot.

    Your pizza-eatin' buddy in New York, Mr. Agent Orange himself, will release his tax returns when you release Trig's birth certificate. So be a true patriot and take one for the team. Go ahead and while you're at it with the vetting stuff, get yourself a real physician's letter and maybe Trump will too.

    Oh. That's right. You are not running for VP again.

  2. Hey! I cannot release TriG's birth certificate, because he has none! He was brought by the stork!
    And Toad - well, of course he has hung out amongst hookers! Remember, he is a fisherman, who hooks tons and tons of fish, which I personally and with a babseball bat in my own hands then slay!
    So there ya go! Y'allz got my answer, now leave me and Toad alone!

    Signed: $carry $arah, Tundra Twat and Grifter par excellence

  3. Check out Sarah's facebook post where she poses with her two grandchildren, Trig and Sailor. Trig is supposed to be her own child, but in the photo, she has such a grip on the poor kid that I think that he was trying to run away from her. They have had a strange relationship that we often see in photos of the two of them. Trig does not look comfortable with Sarah.

    Chris Hayes just referred to the fiction that Trig was not Sarah Pain's Child, Thank You Very Much Andrew Sullivan, in discussing whether Hillary was really sick or not. But during the 2008 campaign, no candidate said anything about Trig. Daily Kos posted a long post about Sarah and Trig which was quickly taken down, never to appear again-- in contrast to the rumors being spread by Guiliani, Trump and others about Hillary.

    Willow is given credit for Trig's butchered haircut.

  4. Here is the latest report on Track Palin's continuing appearances in Veterans Court (every two weeks)*mfKlJHVcqkcLW*XQ05eIDHOArEBQZGo2cWHDDFIPyULWWmvgqhkR9bLSTg

    He will be back in court on September 6, or his case is being continued. I think that he is showing that he is getting treatment for alcoholism and staying "clean," if it's possible. He's been going there since the end of June. Good luck with that.


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