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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sarah Palin back to spewing bullshit on her Fecebook

She is back to linking posts on Fecebook


  1. Now she's trying to use 'frenzy' as a verb. Stupid and lazy.

    Stupid, lazy, broke, unemployed, disliked and posting other peoples' links and exploiting Trig for a few bucks here and there... and the scales are rapidly falling from peepond eyes.

    Where did it all go wrong, Sarah?

  2. No, Sarah, the media 'frenzies' around your bud Donnie because he lies about everything. Where are his tax returns? Oh, right, you never showed yours either, and you also had a fake doctor letter about YOUR health, pregnancies, and mental fitness. Are you giving him advice? Are you jealous of Hillary? Poor irrelevant Sarah. Must be tough to see an intelligent, strong, capable woman who could run rings around you, and who has a strong, capable, intelligent daughter. Sit down and shut up, Sarah. Even a slimy character like Trump ignores you. We will too.

    1. I remember when the media hung on her very word. Now she gets nary a mention except things she phones in to keep her name in the news and "relevant." The joke's on her; she was never relevant.

  3. Of course she's posting horse shit to Fbook.

    What else does that idiotic human slime mold have to do besides pop Adderal, spew hatred and racism, and cheer for an immoral, lying, cheating, narccisistic child rapist like Trump?

    Palin went from the pinnacle of fame, to the bottom of the very deepest bottom of shame, humiliation, infamy, stupidity,and becoming nothing more than a political joke.

    SHE WAS NOT INVITED TO EITHER THE 2012 OR THE 2016 CONVENTION OF HER OWN PARTY, which should send the loudest possible message to the few shriveled idiots left on the planet who think that $arah Asshole Palin is worth the dirt on your shoes.

    $tupid $arah the Hated Harpy HAG of Wasilla is now reduced to sitting around her house living off the sad twisted memories of hatred, xenophobia, and nursing the latest copy of her enemies list.


    1. Sarah should have learned from Dan Quayle, who at least had the grace to disappear from the radar after his embarrassing stint at vice president under Papa Bush.

  4. Hey, Sarah!
    Since you read this blog every waking hour, we thought we should at the very least comment on your frenzied Facebook posts.

    "Is that all ya' got?"

  5. WHO GIVES A F_CK about what $he 'thinks'! I am so over her, and I realize that $he is becoming a national joke, which I am very glad it is finally happening all over, not just in the progressive circles!
    Now: on to getting her and most of her adult famdammily convicted of the crimes the HAVE committed, and put away in federal prison!

    BTW: I did not know that there is a verb 'to frenzy'. I know there is a NOUN, but nothing about a VERB...

  6. Oh, $carrah: OF COURSE you would not understand why someone would sue a school district for not providing them with an adequate education! You don't understand that there are actually people out there that WANT to learn, that WANT to further their education so they do not get stuck in a menial job like cleaning bathrooms or being a greeter at Walmart. You don't understand that YOUR spawn is a privileged bunch of entitled leeches that will never amount to ANYTHING, and can only survive thanks to the MILLIONS of $$$ that you grifted from some uneducated gullible folks that FINALLY have come to their senses and have stopped supporting you and your entitled lifestyle.
    Hopefully I will live long enough to see the bunch of you in jail and afterwards (if any of you ever get out) as street cleaners.

  7. Sarah only writes the occasional facebook post, and when she does, she sounds like that mean girl from school. She does link to a lot of articles from IJR, Independent Journal Review. Maybe she is hoping that they will let her write something for them. It is also a lazy way of commenting on current news and politics to justify her PAC.

    The Independent Journal Review was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs and former Republican party staffers Alex Skatell and Phil Musser.[3] The editor is Bert Atkinson, a former waiter.[4] Skatell has described the site as targeting a "mainstream center-right audience". The site has been described as a cross between BuzzFeed and RedState,[4] and a cross between the Drudge Report and Upworthy.[5] Wikipedida


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