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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sarah's house is still in pending status

Check it out on Redfin


  1. You gotta wonder: could there have been some scheme whereby $$$ flow from the Trump campaign to Sarry in exchange for services rendered via the sale of the house at an inflated price? If there is anything hinky about the sale, presumably they don't want details coming to light any time soon.

  2. The truth is nobody with that much cash wants that much trash.

    1. Word to ya moth-ah. Truth. That house is tacky as hell and anyone who actually wants that aesthetic knows they can get it for a quarter of that asinine price.

  3. It looks cold like a hotel. The cheap, cheezy furniture and WalMart comforters add nothing to the home. What is with the Palins being so monochrome in their decorating? Rubes. The taste of that whole fam-damn-ily is in their mouths. You can take the trash out of the trailer park, but they are still trash.

  4. Zillow lists it as "off the market," no explanation why. Redfin says "sellers have accepted an offer property is now pending or under contract."

    "Pending" probably means buyers made an offer with contingencies such as sale subject to satisfactory home inspection; subject to sellers making repair(s); or any number of other contractual requirements.

  5. That place is ugly, poorly designed and woefully depressing. Every single room looks exactly like all the others. No class, no color, no purpose. Even if it was a hotel, I would give it a pass. They probably think it's a masterpiece of class and elegance - which makes them look even more trashy. Seriously. Ugly.


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