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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Since Sarah Palin has nothing else better to do she is rah-rahing the Olympic athletes

In the past week she has twice as many posts on Fecebook about Christian Olympic athletes than politics, and one about a dead bear.  This post about the Olympics really offended me:

Sarah Palin
August 7 at 3:51pm · 
An Olympic mama grizzly is the ultimate mama grizzly. Here's to living vicariously through the athletes who've worked harder than others to get where they are today 🇺🇸 !

Sarah does like to live vicariously through others because she has no achievements to call her own.  The only reason she was elected governor and mayor was of low turnout, she is riding on Donald Trump's coattails, and rode Ted's coattails for a while too.

Note Sarah is only pandering to her Christian fans by posting stuff about the athletes who are Christian.  I don't know what Michael Phelps's faith is but shouldn't he get some recognition too?


  1. So says the basketball bench warmer and Tri-Cities marathon cheater. You're some grizzly all right, $arah, explain to us again why you're sitting on your @ss at home instead of on the trail "king-making?" What's that? No one wants you?

  2. Maybe she has visions of greatness from this inspiring volleyball player ---- D. J. Trump

    I am sure she can find an inspired Christianity meme in there somewhere.

  3. Look at the young people who comprise our Olympic team. Read their biographies. Check out their work ethic and their accomplishments off the playing field.

    Now compare them to Sarah's adult children.

    If you were Sarah, would you:
    1. Talk about your children's accomplishments (three bastard children, #4 on the way; beat the shit out of girlfriend; unemployable; barely high school graduates), or,
    2. Deflect attention from your failure as a parent by praising young adults who have accomplished what our Olympians have accomplished?

  4. Hasn't Briss and Duhkoduh been awfully quiet lately? It must be getting hard to hide her swelling belly.

  5. Some of the athletes from other counties are also inspiring. There are some refugees who left their war-torn countries and they compete under the Olympic flag. One girl trained as a swimmer when she lived in Syria. During their escape, she and her sister had to get in the water and pull the boat filled with other refugees to shore. Oh, I didn't stop to think what her religion was.

  6. I would be willing to bet that Michael Phelps is an atheist. Just a guess.


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