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Saturday, August 20, 2016

So Sarah Palin where's that lawsuit against Azealia Banks?


  1. As best I can determine, Sarah's last Facebook post in support of Trump was on July 25 -- that's almost a month ago. Since then, she's been all about the Olympics, although it's clear that she has little or no understanding of the Olympic events.

    Why the silence about Trump, Sarah?
    -- When your alleged son-in-law attacked Trump for his attacks on the Khans -- did that finally reveal to you just how ignorant and evil Trump is and how evil and ignorant you are for supporting him?

    -- Or are your panties still in a wad over not being invited to the Republican National Freak Show?

    -- It appears, Sarah, that in Donald's words: "YOU'VE BEEN SCHLONGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    You earned every bit of it, too.

    1. She tweeted yesterday over Manafort's departure trying to remain relevant. After her big endorsement speech in Iowa, with him standing beside her making the stupid faces, she was done.

  2. That woman is such a STUPID bitch

  3. She won't put herself (willingly) where discovery is an issue. This was just more of Sarah trying to bully and intimidate. I bet she is still pissed about this one. Azealia (whose approach is not my style) still got the better of her. Tiny Sarah Palin can out looking even tinier (and dumber).


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