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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Steve Bannon like Donald Trump has a filthy mouth too

From Daily Beast

Donald Trump’s new campaign boss—the guy white supremacists are so excited about—once described D.C.’s top Republicans as “cunts.”

Stephen Bannon, the Trump campaign’s new chief executive as of  Wednesday, used the phrase two years ago in emails with Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle. Bannon ran Breitbart at the time, and the two schemed about how to get activists to “turn on the hate” as part of a plan to “burn this bitch down.” 

The emails, obtained by The Daily Beast, are just another reminder that the Trump campaign’s new management is unlikely to play nice with party leaders.

The exchange was on December 16, 2014. In it, Bannon flagged a Roll Call story about a private meeting Rep. Jason Chaffetz held for about a dozen Capitol Hill reporters. Chaffetz was about to become chairman of the powerful Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and the meeting previewed his plans for the committee.

“Were we invited to this?” Bannon emailed.

Matt Boyle, then a Breitbart reporter and now its Washington Political Editor, replied that he wasn’t.

“To be honest, completely between us, I think Chaffetz is a sniveling little shit and deserves to have his ass kicked in the conservative media,” Boyle continued. “This is something that leads me very heavily in that direction.”

“Leadership are all cunts,” he wrote. “We should just go buck wild.”

Then he wrote, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make them do their duty.”

Boyle concurred.

“You know I agree,” he replied. “Let’s just not hurt ourselves in the process. If we’re gonna burn this bitch down, to quote the great Louis Head, we need to make sure the fire doesn’t burn us in the process. I’m working on plans with people right now to make it happen.”


  1. They need Palin. She would wash their mouths with soap.

    1. Sarah Palin is allergic to soap, stand close to her and the stench is overbearing.


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