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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Would someone please give Dakota Meyer a real job instead of grifting?

From Dakota's Fecebook page

Oh by the way Bristol is still on the grifting train too

Then she tries to claim she has a job:

The other night I came home from a long day of work to this 😍 dinner cooked, house cleaned, and my happy little family. So thankful for little things like this from my husband, you are the greatest, love you sweetness 🍰😘

Yeah whatever Dakota and Bristol.  Working for dr Jack Mehoff and grifting are not suitable careers.


  1. So Dakota has a big soda (spiked?) Tripp is drinking from a large bottle of something sugared, and there is a bottle of Coke in front of the baby. Yeah, gee, nice nutritious supper there, 'sweetness.' And I'd bet he 'house cleaned' means he put away his guns and hung up his clothes. They have a one year old---there are toys out. They have a 2nd grader..there should be books and trucks and toys around, along with his backpack, shoes, and the stuff 7 year olds carry around with them. Bunch of hooey.
    Oh, and who comes home from 'a long day at work,' and gets out their phone to snap a picture of the first thing she sees? Good grief, Bristol, get a life would you?
    And where are the dogs? She always snaps them the day they get them, and then they disappear. Kind of like her extra children...

  2. Dakota has his whiskey/Sam's Club, Bristol has a dry white chardonnay in place, Tripp has gross sugar punch, and the baby is almost a year and happy with nothing.
    Cute family enjoying corn, some kind of hunted game right next to the mashed potatoes. Nothing wrong with paper towel napkins, nice touch. Dakota should have lite a candle to celebrate the first non-takeout meal at the table. Obviously he wasn't raised by wolves and grifters gotta' eat.

  3. 7:44
    While I mostly agree with you, military people can be very tidy. It is possible that Dakota stowed everything somewhere before inspection.

  4. Speed freaks are also very tidy. It is most likely the "meds" he uses. He is no doubt obsessed with stashing everything from guns to drugs.

  5. The Marines trained Meyer for his previous foundation work. There are many photos. He did dress up and do a lot of traveling to promote that cause as he promoted the Dakota Meyer image he is selling. So far with the 2016 foundation all he has done is announce and claim he will be doing a lot. Including activism, guns a blazing saving victims. Shutting down agriculture workers.

    Anyone can post and beg for donations on his social media. He doesn't even have to do that himself. Time will tell if he is going to be busy as he has promised. Or is it just another grift?

  6. Yeah...nothing says quality nutrition and health eating habits like fucking sody-pop with your meals. I have a sneaking suspicion that when Tripp eats at the Johnston household, he has milk with his meals. Not fucking sody-pop.

  7. I just clicked on Dakota's rangerup link. When I got to the web site, I clicked on the "about us" link. About us has 3 short biographies about ex-military guys around Dakota's age who are using flag waving as a means to sell T-shirts. Sound familiar? Fucking pathetic. Speaking of flag waving to sell something, these guys reminded me of these other guys? They were endorsed by Sarah Palin of course:

  8. I'll echo what several other comments have said. Tripp with a sugary "energy drink;" Duhkota with what appears to be a soft drink of some kind; ditto for the infant.

    Look at the food:
    -- Microwave mac and cheese
    -- Microwave mixed veggies

    Look at the utensils:
    -- Foam plates
    -- Plastic utensils

    I see big dental bills and childhood Type II diabetes in the near future.

    1. And that took SO much time to prepare. I guess Bristol is easily impressed after her day out shopping. Pitiful excuse for a family. Anyone help Tripp with his homework?

    2. Exactly. This is not a 'group.' It's a bunch of unemployed men trying to make a buck while pretending to 'help.' Despicable. But then, Dakota never earned that medal of his either.

  9. Dakota Meyer says 'It's official' the old picture when he was in a parade is official? Or this mystery mission?

    Good for him if he is serious. Look at the 'modern-day slavery' the man he supports may have been involved with. I would like to see some of these A-holes get the truth out and not let the wealthy criminals off just because they can since they have money.

    "It's like modern-day slavery."
    JAMES WEST AUG. 30, 2016 12:07 PM

    1. That group he now joined is a farce. Their website is a plea for money (to pay Dumbkota?) They have no 'missions.' They are as helpful as Wounded Warriors-to the people who run things. PLUS, they are not law enforcement-just what are they going to do? Sniff out underage prostitutes and save them? How? Will Dakota and his arsenal barge into motel rooms and play cop? That's illegal, and dangerous. This is yet another scam. Nice choice, Brissy.

  10. That looks like a fast food dinner from A&W or from Boston Market (does that still exist up in Alaska?) That bottle of A&W is HUGE for a seven year old. Also, he has the most on his plate. The baby has something (not water or milk) in her sippy-cup.
    And DumbKotAH is on his laptop. Fine dinner matters you present!
    In my house, even though our kids are gone, there is a standing dinner tble rule: NO computer, and NO stupid 'Smart Phone'! We eat, we talk (or be silent), but we show each other respect by not diverting our attention to the Internet.


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