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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yeah Melania Trump is one lucky gal

To be married to someone who looks like that.  And I'm not talking about the young guy either.

Speaking of Melania, she has been MIA until recently.

I personally think Melania's past is fair game,especially if she was an illegal immigrant.  Donald has made such a big deal about immigration.  And since Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have been attacked mercilessly by the haters, it's only fair.


  1. tRumP doesn't look NEARLY that skinny without clothes (perish the thought)

    He's easily a LOT FATTER than that statue.

    His gut hangs way further out.

    The Orange Asshole hasn't seen his feet while standing up for 30 years.

  2. Melania made her bed and gets to share it with Donald. There isn't any doubt in my mind that "Barron" is their biological child either. There is not enough money in the world. Just thinking about him makes me want to barf. Ick. Ick. Ick!!!

  3. Don't forget, Melanija comes from a former Eastern Communist Bloc country that exported a lot of mail order brides when she was the right age. Most of them settled for a lot less.

  4. I think D and Melania have separate bedrooms. How could she tolerate his 3 hours sleep/nite?
    Sadly, Baron is his biological child. Have u seen his greasy, combed hair? Just like all the other offspring.


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