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Sunday, September 25, 2016

A few of Bristol's recent Fecebook postings

From Bristol's Fecebook

Does that mean she is letting Dakota go?

And as for the 2nd one she has broken all of them.


  1. Who posts all the faux journalism and quotes for the Palins on social media? I doubt that Bris gives a flip about what they do for her.

    bsmp2 "date night ��" is a total joke.

    What a bright night! Dakota in his Cam Shirt, it looks like he is ready to stay home while the husband goes off to meet her Russian mistress at a job site.

    His face and posture says it all.

  2. Dakota has been posting "morning meditations" on his facebook for a while. Since they appear every morning at the same time, he probably subscribes to a program that picks a nice quotation and posts it regularly for him. Now, Bristol does the same thing. At no time do either of them write about the thought in any kind of meaningful way. I understand that many people like to post an appropriate quotation if it suits the situation or makes them feel good or expresses their mood. How about a little creative writing, omitting the canned quotations and trying to say something from the heart?


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