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Sunday, September 18, 2016

After 7 1/2 years President Obama finally acknowledges Sarah Palin and Sarah almost orgasms over it

From Blasting News

Over the last eight years, President #Obama has made a lot of enemies on the political right, especially in the form of Tea Party members. While Obama is set to end his second term in the White House in just five months, some of his oldest critics are still not giving up their attacks.

Palin fail

When Obama and Joe Biden won the 2008 election, they defeated Sen. John McCain and former half-term Alaska Gov. #Sarah Palin in record fashion. After the Bush administration led the United States into two wars and the Great Recession, the country was looking for change and gave the young Chicago senator a chance. In the years that followed, Palin has often gone on the attack against Obama, despite never running for any public office since their defeat. While Obama usually keeps quiet about his views on Palin, he decided to use her as the butt of a joke while speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute on Thursday night. Taking to her offical Twitter and Facebook accounts on September 16, Palin did her best to respond.

After thanking those in attendance for helping his administration move the country forward, Obama gave a short list of accomplishments before stating, "What Sarah Palin called that hopey-changey stuff." The crowd erupted in laughter, but prompted the former governor of Alaska to response. "I'd normally tell President Obama to quit the comedy and stick to his day job, but....," Palin wrote, which led to a massive negative response from her followers. Palin's remark only highlights the political divide in the country, as her followers openly questioned Obama's birthplace, despite the "birther" conspiracy being debunked on more than one occasion.

The hilarious thing is, Sarah quit her day job and failed at comedy.


  1. And she managed to do it "vibrantly."

  2. Does she post stupid stuff on purpose for the attention? She has to know that she would be ridiculed, except by her cult base, and the media would IGNORE her. What a mentally ill woman!

  3. And just what exactly was Sarah Palin's day job the past 8 years besides pissing away in excess of $6 million dollars of Sarah PAC funds in an attempt to keep Sarah Palin INC in the news?


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