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Friday, September 2, 2016

Flashback Friday: Game change

For some reason my post from August 29 on Monday didn't save Game Change so here it is.  My apologies:


  1. Makes me want to watch it all over again right now. Sarah screwing everything up for two months while America watched was so much fun.

  2. My favorite scene was when the $tupid $arah was in the stairwell, and screamed out "I am ruined in Alaska".

    TO this day, I doubt that Caribou Barbie has yet to realize that SHE RUINED HERSELF by opening her mouth and revealing her ignorance.

    THe level of vitriol and hate, racism, and xenophobia is still being reflected by the Trump campaign.

    1. What I've been saying all along. She has no one to blame but herself, and her latest bitching screeds are even more pathetic given the past eight years.

      I was raised to have empathy for others, but I can't muster one shred of it for her.

    2. She was already ruined in Alaska by Troopergate and the lies that she and others had told. They tried to cover it all up and it wasn't working. Then the rebiblicans threw her a lifeline by picking her for McCain.

      That and Fox News brought her fame, fortune, and a few more years.

      Now it has all turned to shit just like we always knew it would.



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