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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Good Lord Sarah Palin still listening to Alex Jones

Remember Sarah your boyfriend Trump is good buddies with Putin.  Explain that you dumb bitch.


  1. You have to be desperate for attention to share an Alex Jones post. And I mean DESPERATE. Poor Alaskan Schafly is officially a nobody.

    1. Seriously! I used to laugh at her; now I find her downright pathetic. Even the media rolls their eyes when her name is mentioned.

  2. Poor, poor $arah.
    defeated Quitter,
    fired from Fox.
    Failed reality shows
    Brawling with your family,. a bunch of drunken thugs
    Daughter twice pregnant abstience queen
    Drug addict girl friend beater son
    Pimp husband
    Not invited to Repub conventions.
    No more appearance with Trump the child rapist.
    Lost her looks, her fame, her political future, and is now
    reduced to a national joke.

    Now quoting ALex Jones?

    $arah, you have just one future left, as a grifting Christian preacher in charge of your own foundation to cheat oldsters out of their money.



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