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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Happy 10th month birthday Sailor Meyer!

Hope she recovers from her alleged cold.


  1. Happy 10 month Birthday, Sailor.

    Too bad your kin won't be able to teach you math.

  2. What's with the occasional use of oversized glasses on Trig? Is there nothing they can be honest about?

  3. Nice photo of Sailor and her brother. Is Sailor cross-eyed too? Did Sarah Palin pass on her wonky eyes gene?

    1. Yes, he is indeed her brother. Even Barf$tool admits it now.

  4. Dakota Meyer's instagram has photo of Dakota (always amazing) having a lunch date with Sailor. Eagle eyed comments pointed to Sophie the Giraffe, which was supposed to be good for teething. That might explain why Sailor was crying for three days and poor Bristol couldn't get any sleep. (Where was Tripp during Daddy lunch date?)b

    What a pity that Bristol doesn't have anyone to turn to for advice about babies' teething. After three days of non stop crying and no sleep, the first order of business should have been trip to the doctor's office. There are numbing gels to rub on baby's gums to relieve the pain. My kids liked to chew on a Zwieback.

  5. That baby belongs to one of the sisters. After looking at all the past pictures of that effed up family leading up to the fake delivery's clear to me and I'm not wasting another precious moment of my time giving a crap - they're all losers, no boundaries, no sense, no intellect - none of them are my problem. That family of gypsies know how to do one thing- GRIFT.


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