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Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day except for Alaska's least favorite family

Wishing all of you a Happy Labor Day, except for the Palin and Meyers who only grift.

Here is Dakota's latest grift:


Readers lets honor two people who work hard everyday despite all the bad luck done to them.  Go here to honor them.


  1. Happy Labour Day SPHASH! palins, "work"?? In the same sentence? Don't make me laugh! Lie, cheat, and steal is more like it! No employer in their right mind hires high school dropouts, brawlers, bastard-makers,booze-cans, junkies, flunkies, whuppers, and lazy lay-about slacker couch slugs!

  2. Just checked charity check, and this nonprofit is not listed.

    1. They do nothing. It's a money grabbing scheme. What are they going to do? Dress up in their military gear and go door to door threatening people? Or I know-they can take their guns to a foreign country and find those traffickers and start shooting. They have about three schemes going to collect money...and none of them are doing well. People are dumb but they aren't idiots.

    2. What is he shooting down there-grasshoppers? Dandelions? Does he know how stupid he looks with that military weapon, wearing shorts, and laying in the grass in Alaska? What a fine example for his young kids. Hey, Daddy needs a new gun. why Daddy? Well, son, there might be an ambush when I go fill up the new SUV. You know, our President is letting lots of bad people into the country. But Daddy, didn't he give you that medal?

  3. LOL the Palins know nothing about labor, Sarah even lied about her labor.

    It's a great holiday for a great reason.

    My line of work doesn't have a union but if it did I would belong to that union and support my fellow unionists... because all American workers are just one step away from the sweatshop or the unemployment line.


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