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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How about Palin University?

Since Trump University has been defrauding it's students, I'm surprised Sarah Palin hasn't started Palin University.

I'll help her get started by coming up with some classes:

Pregnancy faking

Guy trapping

Circumventing the law

Grifting 101

Grifting 201

Fake a snowmobile crash


  1. How about:

    How To Transfer All Credits when Changing Schools 101

    Fundie Family Values

    Super Pac Loopholes 101

    Pimping and Prostitution Business Law 201

    Retardation and The Family

    How To Kill and Carve Turkeys 101

    Guess I don't have all day......

    But a Palin University maybe would give Sarah that degree she longs for.

  2. Here's another one:

    How To Kill a Therapy Dog and Get Away With It.

    RIP Jill Haddassah

  3. Intercourse 101

    Intercourse, Advanced Techniques 201 (prerequisite: 101)

    Intercourse After Marriage 301 (prerequisite: 201)

    Intercourse With Others After Marriage (prerequisite: 301)

    Blowjobs as a Substitute for Intercourse 101

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  5. There already is a Palin University.
    It's called "nursery school."

  6. More courses:
    Fake hunting 101
    Fake shooting 101
    How to hit your pregnant girlfriend and get away with it
    How to disguise a pillow as a pregnancy
    How to get rid of numerous babies 101
    How to fake numerous birthdays


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