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Saturday, September 3, 2016

I think Sarah Palin secretly lusts after Colin Kaepernick

There are the posts in the past several days on her Fecebook regarding Colin Kaepernick who refuses to stand up for the National Anthem.

Let's see Colin is rich, half white, half African American, and has worked hard to succeed where he is at, in the NFL.  He is also a Christian, had a 4.0 GPA in high school and is a college graduate, kinda reminds me of someone, who could that be?

Hold on, it will come to me.

Back to Colin, it's a free country, he can do whatever he wants.  I personally don't agree with it but I am not going to knock him around because I don't recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

BTW Colin doesn't think too much of Hillary, you would think that would appeal to Sarah as well.


  1. I think that $tupid $arah is JEALOUS that she doesn't make 114 million dollars. The idiot from Wasilla is losing money every day because no one in that family that we know even has a job flippin' burgers.

    $arah doesn't work
    Tawd the Pimpster doesn't work
    Bristol drinks chem-shakes and calls that work
    Piper might baby sit for a few bucks
    Willow might have a job, but no one has ever heard about it.
    Trig will never work, because he's been serially neglected, and never had the therapy and training needed
    Track is a drug addicted alcoholic thug who will just likes beating up women and getting drunk.

    ENtire family is a collection of sad, loser, grifters

  2. The fake moh (Porky pig)LIED TO GET HIS MEDAL. PHONEY SARAH,FAKED PREGNANCY,*How Unamerican to try to fool us! NO ABSTINANCE IN BRISTOLs BED. Tried to fool the American public,Again! How low can you go,sarah? Thanks for the laughs,Stinky. Remember when you're pointing your witch finger,there's 3 fingers pointing back at ya.

  3. How do Colin Kaepernick's college and NFL stats compare to Track's stats? Or Toad's stats?

    Help me out with this one, I've already found lots of stats online for Kaepernick, but where do you go to look up Track and Toad's stats? Does Courtview have them?

    When we get the info maybe we can let Sarah know...

  4. My gosh, this crazy ass grifter granny has lost whatever jelly brains she had left! She keeps posting the same stinky crap wrapped up in those tired old talking points - you can find them on those dusty, discount shelves along with her books!

    It's so funny - I remember when I was so outraged and very worried over the state of our leadership - how could they have any common sense or decency to support that crazy drugged grifter granny?!

    Then, slowly but surely, we recovered and stopped the palin green blob from oozing under our doors and windows! 😱
    Now, she's straight up entertainment for everyone! The post above gives me an image of her face all pinched up, her thinning hair floating lifelessly around her bald spots, her stinky body odor and her bony, wrinkled hands pounding the keyboard. Lol.

  5. What kills me is that she doesn't seem to be aware that her family brand is a pathetic joke. You would think one would get it that we're laughing at her and she just thinks it is positive attention.


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