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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Incest is best in the Trump family

From US Magazine

Too much for daytime TV? Dr. Mehmet Oz is being highly criticized after his production team edited out Donald Trump’s comment about kissing Ivanka for an episode of The Dr. Oz Show that aired Thursday, September 15.

According to The Wrap, when Ivanka, 34, joined her father on stage at the taping of the show Wednesday, Trump, 70, greeted her with a kiss.

NBC’s Peter Alexander reports that Dr. Oz then remarked, “It’s nice to see a dad kiss his daughter,” to which the GOP presidential hopeful replied, “I kiss her every chance I get.”

The cringeworthy comments were later edited out of the final broadcast, however, causing reporters who were present to slam the daytime talk show for removing the inappropriate banter.

I totally understand a dad kissing his daughter when they are babies or toddlers, or when they are older and it's a special occasion like a dad giving his daughter away at a wedding, but Ivanka is fucking 35 years old!  And I'm sure Ivanka and Donald saw each other backstage before the show started taping.

This is not the first time Donald has said or done something inappropriate regarding his female offspring:

Here are more pictures of Ivanka sitting on his lap or Donald touching her inappropriately:

Then there is this comment regarding his youngest daughter Tiffany who was a newborn at the time:

I hope Ivanka doesn't allow Jared to touch their children like that.


  1. It's called Covert Incest.

  2. Isn't Dr Oz one of dem Mulins that tRump wants to deport? Or if they do his bidding are the safe and can stay here as a token?


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