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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Is this the end of FOX News?

This past week former FOX head Roger Ailes settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with Gretchen Carlson.  Also Greta Van Susteren was let go as well.

I imagine more lawsuits against Roger will be settled with his accusers too which will hurt Rupert's wallet.  Rupert is over 80 years old as well so he won't be around forever.  His sons James and Lachlan are not as conservative as their dad so a change may be coming in the not too distant future.  So that could mean Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity may be fired as well.

Well Greta, Bill, and Sean won't have to worry cuz Donald plans to start his own network

Trump will not quietly fade into the background.

Trump will eventually launch a "Trump TV" media venture.

After speaking with a well-informed Trump insider (name asked to be withheld), I can confirm that both assumptions are true.

Let's take a deeper dive.

Given Trump's addiction to media attention, it is impossible to believe that after November 8, he will retreat quietly into his Fifth Avenue tower presiding over board meetings with no television cameras. After all, this is the A-list celebrity businessman who, in his first attempt at elective office crafted a simple message, tapped into national angst and galvanized a powerful movement of passionate "fed-up" voters. Along the way he captured countless hours of free media coverage, leveraged social media to the max, defeated his numerous primary opponents and parlayed all his talents into winning the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

And if Trump TV becomes a reality, then expect this retard back on the airwaves:

Speaking of above retard, why hasn't she defended Gretchen or even Greta?


  1. I think Sarah was a victim of abuse herself, and she really has no idea what to do or say publicly. That usually doesn't stop her (hence the retread of the "blood libel" brouhaha today.) I also think she and Greta were not as close as Sarah would have us believe. Her husband was Sarah's attorney when she was getting book deals and speaking things, but that has pretty much faded away. She has little money now, and can't unload the Arizona mausoleum, so who knows. But yeah, I think Trump would hire her briefly to start up a Fox Lite. Of course, she'd better demand her money up front, and keep Piper far away from the Trumpeter.

    1. Piper is too fat and too old for Trump.

  2. Van Suckeren's husband was the one that set up the illegal Alaska OPM spigot for Sarah.

    I have no doubt that the majority of that illegal money was never returned as ordered after Kristan Cole took possession of it.

    Now Sarah is reduced to putting her name to ridiculous rants for click$ and posting them on social media or a hate site that nobody has heard of.

    And nobody calls her 'governor' any more, because she's only famous now for the being the mother of a bunch of sex-mad amoral overgrown teenagers unable to spell contraception.

  3. FOX News won't ever end. Cockroaches can survive anything.


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