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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never forget what the Dumbya administration did 15 years ago today

From PBS

Laura smiling?  WTF

WTF is Lynn Cheney doing there.  Is she like Todd Palin?

Worst attack on US Soil and Dickhead is sitting with his feet propped up like he is at home.  Fuck you Dickhead and Dumbya/

And this year Rudy Guliani tried to blame 9/11 on Barack Obama:


  1. I like the black patch over Guliani's eye before the video is played. I would like to blacken the other eye.
    He's old, though.
    Then, there are the Cheney's......
    And Dubya is painting dogs now. Figures.

  2. Hi SPHASH! Spot-on true title today!! I do firmly believe that the whole thing was created deliberately to deceive the public! Dumbya was the puppet; fuckin' cheney was pulling the strings! Powerful forces behind the scenes controlled every aspect of this, including the American response. By creating a false sense of security, they created the narrative of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. A handful of powerful persons made a lot of money on peoples' misery! That bastard cheney looted untold billions from the U.S.Treasury for his companies through fuckin' no-bid contracts!

    What really troubles me is, during dumbya's "reign of errors", they never put much effort in finding Bin Laden, whom they helped create in the first place! With all of the multi billion dollar surveillance satellites and sophisticated technology at their disposal, they claimed to have never known his whereabouts. BULLSHIT!! They knew where he was! The key questions here are,

    -who profited from 9/11, and the after effects,and
    -who profited from keeping bin Laden alive?
    The actions of those who were involved in this narrative are traitorous, and they should be punished for treason! The American public was duped and deceived, and countless service personnel and their families suffered immensely! All for whoever controls the energy reserves? Let them rot in hell with their stolen riches!

  3. Many of us began writing and researching and posting. It then became a scarey time of the men in black coming to get you. How many people disappeared or died suddenly as Bushco exiting town could leave no witnesses. But that seemed like a long long time ago. I for one will never forget. NO FEAR

  4. A few days after Bush was sworn into office, Cheney and his pals were wondering how soon they could attack Iraq. We know that Bush and the security team failed to heed the warning of the early August Presidential Briefing. A female member of the FBI in Minnesota reported someone interested in flying lessons, not the take off and landing, just the flying part. The FBI was following two of the San Diego guys. The Department of Transportation had been issuing regular warnings to harden the cockpit doors against hijackers. They didn't pay attention to any of this. I hate to think that they knew about these things and ignored them. That would be worse.

    They wanted Bush to be a war-time president which would bestow powers and glory to him, and re-election, too. The Patriot Act was intended to take away our rights, especially the ones about protesting what they were doing. They shut out opposition and criticism. Joe Wilson tried to write an op ed about them and look what they did to his wife. (Outed her as a covert CIA agent.) Yes, they cashed in through their war contracts, but it was also about insuring power for 8 years. If they had done a better job of hiding how bad the economy was we might still be writing about Vice President You Know Who, or maybe she'd be the queen.

  5. Don't forget that the whole Bin Laden family got flown out of the US the day after, when nobody was allowed in the air...
    Also: the below article claims that they 'knew' it was Bin Laden who attacked. Yet, they let him and his family out of our country the very next day, when no civilian airplanes were allowed in the air - except this one!

    This is an interesting article, supposedly written by all those directly involved...


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