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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Now Sarah Palin is going after Lester Holt

I wondered how long it would take Skanky to mention the debate.  Personally I think Lester was too lenient on Trump.

No wonder no one takes Sarah Palin seriously anymore.


  1. While I continue to be amused at Sarah's ravings, I think it's important to note that no one of any importance gives a rat's ass what she says.

    She is irrelevant.

    She has no audience save the few dozen people who comment on her Facebook page . . . and we have no confidence that all those are real people.

    She has not been invited to the usual places: CPAC, Value Voters Summit, Republican National Convention, NRA Convention -- nothing, nowhere -- except for a game show that no one watches.

    The latest SarahPAC financial statement is due out by Oct 15 and it likely will show the PAC is all but broke -- unless she put into it some of the money she may have made on the sale of the Scottsdale house.

    Her son's second bastard child is due in October.

    Her daughter continues to grift.

    Her alleged son-in-law is now promoting a scam organization that claims to be ready to free human trafficking victims but that is, in reality, a couple of guys raising money to line their own pockets.

    Same old Palin family but now NO ONE CARES. She's not even interesting enough for a reality show. After all, when the loony Brown Family of Alaska has a show and you don't, that should tell you something about how low you have sunk . . . but the Palin's are too dumb to see the light.

    1. It was revealed a few years ago that a very large chunk of Sarah Palin's Facebook admirers are young men living in Delhi.

      You can draw your own conclusions. Sarah Palin is so corrupt that she couldn't not go there.

  2. Why is she saying he's from Alaska? He isn't, is he? I looked at his bio and it says he went to Cordova High School, but that was the Cordova in California, not Alaska. Is there anything else that ties him to Alaska?

    1. He was in Alaska as a child for a while when his father was stationed there.

  3. She really studied this debate.
    That's funny. She could not seem to do that for her own debate with Biden.
    No there...there.

  4. Ignoramus dimwitticus waits to see how she can take advantage of a current controversy. She is ever the opportunist. She has no original thoughts. Very few pay attention to her stupidity anymore but baby isn't going to be put in a corner (she already is but she will be the last to realize it). Her supporter 'base' has dwindled down to only a small group of massively ignorant and marginally sentient knuckle draggers.

    1. While all these years the pond have prayed for their POTUS45 Madam Presidentess, Sarah Palin has sunk like a rock.

      Like a dead rock. With an anvil tied to it.

      She can never resurface because she is an embarrassment to the teabaggers now: her drug-addled performance art, her streetfighting family, the illegitimate grandchildren that keep popping up, you name it, they're over her.


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