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Monday, September 5, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly is dead

Well that's one less vote for the Orange asshole Donald Trump.  Skanky posted a tribute on Fecebook.


  1. Amen. Good riddance. RIP.

  2. It's about F***ing time. I hope she lingers in Limbo forever.

  3. When someone dies, I always try to say something good about them.

    Phyllis Schlafly is dead. Good.

  4. She can spend eternity cooking and cleaning for Scalia in hell.

    1. Best comment about her all day! Roast in hell, Schlafly

    2. !great comment! Being a domestic slave to the likes of Scalia could turn anyone into an athiest!

  5. Hi SPHASH! Of course simple $arah will kiss her ass; she's that backwoods fuckin' stupid! As a Canadian, from what I've read about Schlafly, she was old-time conservative. Her philosophy was to reinforce the old "barefoot and pregnant stay-at-home, serve-your-man, dutiful wife bullshit! She was greedy in wanting her own career, rights for herself, and being treated equal to men; however, she was against all of this this in regards to other women!

    Schlafly helped undermine womens' rights, helping to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, while kissing conservative ass! She was an oxymoron - she believed that a woman belonged in the home with kids, yet, she had a prosperous career OUTSIDE her home! Who watched HER kids? Fuckin' hypocrite!

    As the husband of a professional engineer, I have always stood behind my wife, and encouraged her career path. She worked hard for it, and earned that right! By the way, I do all of the housework, and love it!! Let us hope that Schlafly is the last of a soon-to-be extinct species! She probably would have keeled over when Mrs. Clinton will be elected to the White House!!

  6. Please check out the Sarah Palin Facebook comment before the one about Phyllis. Sarah is hugging one of the Grahams as she writes: Amazing miracles in Alaska!

    We LOVE this place; LOVE Franklin and Jane Graham; LOVE Samaritan's Purse; LOVE, RESPECT, HONOR our heroes serving under the flag!
    Operation Heal Our Patriots does exactly that.

    The reason to look at her post is because Dakota was told to be in the photo but he doesn't look very happy to be there. Body language? He isn't going to shake anyone's hand if he keeps his right hand in his pants pocket. The way his head is thrown back doesn't make him look all that happy to be there. I guess that Dakota doesn't have PTSD any more and he doesn't need to be healed, but what about Track? Why hasn't he been part of the Rev.Graham's cure the vets program?

  7. I do so enjoy your blog. Thank you. I saw you called SP's F-B page Fecebook, should it not it read Faecebook?
    Faece(s) being the Latin name for poo :-)
    All the best Josephine in UK.


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