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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sarah Palin get over it Colin Kaepernick has started a new trend

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Iron Mike Ditka! Love him... he doesn't mince words! Read his latest here -->…/699770-iron-mike-ditka-may-have-gotten-t…/…

 The Colin Kaepernick protest has now spread to the military as well

Colin also has a supporter in San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.  

I imagine a few NBAers will join in as well.

For me personally I was at a sporting event recently.  I stood for the national anthem because I wanted to.  Did it make me more patriotic?  Probably not.  Patriotism is more than saluting a piece of cloth hanging from a poll.  It means not committing treason like Donald Trump has in his dealings with Russia.


  1. Sarah will not get over it because she cannot get over it.

    Sarah is attracted to Donald Trump because she is just like him:
    -- Not very bright but thinks she's a genius
    -- Thin-skinned
    -- Carries grudges forever
    -- Avoids hard work . . . like preparing for a debate; like studying oil and gas issues so she can be a contributing member of a Board
    -- Is so stupid she doesn't know when she's getting her ass kicked

  2. Did you read the awesome reports by Sgt. Meyer and former Governor Sarah Palin about last nights winning debate? AWESOME!!


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