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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sarah Palin sells her house, finally


Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate, has sold her upscale Scottsdale retreat for $2.275 million.

The 7,900-square-foot mansion, situated on five acres near Pinnacle Peak, was originally listed for almost $2.5 million.

Palin and her husband, Todd, paid $1.75 million for the six-bedroom house in 2011. The couple used a Delaware LLC called Safari Investments to quietly buy the property.

The Palins upgraded their Scottsdale home, adding a lighted sports court with a full-size basketball court and putting green complete with artificial turf.

Scott S. Hill bought the former Palin home, according to public records filed Monday morning.

John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his his running mate on the 2008 Republican presidential ticket. She hasn't held public office since leaving her job as governor of Alaska in 2009.

For a while, it looked like the Palins would make Arizona home. In 2011, their daughter Bristol bought a home in Pinal County for $172,000. She sold it in 2012 for $175,000.

Richard Barker of Keller Williams Arizona Realty had the listing for the Palins' Scottsdale home.

I don't see how putting in a basketball court and artifical turf is upgrading, considering none of them play basketball anymore and artificial turf is FUGLY.

After taking out the commission, realtor fees, taxes, and upkeep Palin is lucky to clear $200,000 which will give a temporary boost to Sarah Pac and pay off Track's legal fees but it won't last long.

I'm sure all the neighbors are throwing a block party to celebrate Sarah leaving.


  1. Imagine the toxic stink of hot plastic in summer. Very Sarah.

    Oh, the big plans and dreams and assumptions she had back in the day when she bought the Arizona shack. It WAS meant to be her campaign HQ (her unconventional ninja jedi campaign, that is) where she would celebrate the tidal wave of support resulting from her national presidential bus tour.


    If only she hadn't run her mouth about Paul Revere's ride she might have been Presidentess Palin right now.

  2. That whole property is as fugly and garish as $arah.

  3. Yep. All every thinking person in Arizona wants is to have an outdoor basketball court in the searing hot summer sun. And isn't it just LOVELY to walk on melting hot artificial 'grass'!
    No trees, no shade (except in the house). Perfect 'outdoor living'!

    BTW: that guy who bought the mosnstrocity, doesn't his name sound familiar? Wasn't his name associated with Barf$tool's newest house?

  4. Eagerly awaiting your post on the anniversary of John McCain's notorius no show on David Letterman!

    Happened on Sept 24 I think.



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