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Thursday, September 8, 2016

So this explains why Bristol Palin is such a horndog

The issue here is if Bristol is having sex everyday is it with Dakota?  If she isn't then she's got issues.


  1. Lordy, I've been avoiding that all week and I'm still not curious.

    Bristol posted a picture (it looked like an ad) of a LV carrier bag in some elegant setting, trying to imply that her unemployed husband had given her an expensive gift. I know how important designer labels are to her but living in that pokey little house seems to indicate that a picture of a carrier bag is all he gave her. Awkward.

    1. I was going to comment on the same picture. Bristol's instagram's message is bsmp2I do not even begin to deserve this man ��

      The dining room set does not look like Bristols house. In fact, There is a designer LV bag, a little black box and a note on table, all staged for the photo op or like an ad in Vogue magazine. The clue is the credit card sized card near the LV bag, probably the hotel room key. That means that the bigger question is whether that's a stock picture meant to sell LV products or Bristol and Dakota are staying in an expensive hotel on their non-existent salaries. yes, where do they get the money? (SarahPAC is going to run out soon).

      The real issue regarding the sex post and Bristol's material goods post is that they are trying too hard to sell their happy marriage. Dakota is so thrilled that Bristol chose him. Bristol says that she does not even begin to deserve "this man." Selling diet drinks, energy drinks, guns and tshirts on the internet must be big business.

  2. LOL...I bet ole Duh isn't getting any, and this was a ploy.

  3. It's been my experience that people who go on and on about deliriously happy they are usually aren't.

    All for show with the Palin tribe!

  4. I haven't clicked on it either. I really don't care how often Bristol screws or out of their bed. I think she's pregnant again anyway, unless he really did get fixed before his tour. In which case, if she IS pregnant, whose baby is it this time?
    Meanwhile, no job for either of them, no job for Mommy Dearest, and Todd is also doing nothing. How are they paying the bills? DWTS money is long gone, and Sarah has still not sold that overpriced mausoleum in Arizona. SARAH PAC donations have lost out to TRUMP's PACS, since she is not running for anything, and barely ever supported anyone else anyway. No one seems to want to be seen with her except the Graham sham. Poor Palins. Will they be begging on street corners next?


    1. I think they still have some $$$ leftover from the time $arah was still 'famous' and got several million $$$ from her first one or two ghost written books. For the time being, they still have that money left, but since her PAC is running dry, they will have to start living off of that.
      But don't worry, before that stash runs out, they will figure out another scam deal to grift off of low-IQ rubes. Especially now, with a real-in-life MOH at their beckoning!

  5. 'There's so much more to this than the obvious'

    This Duh post confused me.


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