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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This is a real crosshair

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Another epitome in media double standards, in my opinion: A schizophrenic shoots an Arizona representative and the media goes berserk blaming me for the crime. That year's SarahPAC electoral map had included a "target" icon, and media erroneously claimed it somehow spurred on the criminal.

The attack on the Arizona politician and innocent bystanders was beyond horrific, and many of us continue to lift up in prayer those who are affected by any unwarranted violence, as the nation witnessed that day in Tucson. Also unwarranted is the blame game liberals capitalized on then, as they continue to do today.

Back then, unable to defend myself with the obvious message that I had nothing to do with the shooting, and wanting to remind the media that using target icons in graphics is used universally by democrats and liberal media (including the liberal "Crossfire" news program), I finally disobeyed my employer's directive (FOX News) to stay silent about the false accusations. Days after the tragedy I made my own video to post a defense, hoping to help exonerate ALL who are falsely accused.…/sarah-palin-gabrielle-giffor…/story…

The apoplectic media pinning me for the crime caused turmoil and threats that are inexplicable, stretching still to this day. I say this not to claim any sort of victimization, but to point out the power the media has to try to destroy someone's career, reputation and spirit, by employing its common double standards.…/remember-when-the-gabrielle-gif…/
This morning on MSNBC the liberal media once again features their "target" icon in their political graphics. And all is well in the lamestream media. Let's hear it for consistency...…/cnn-puts-sarah-palin-cross…

- Sarah Palin

Yes Sarah blame everyone else for your embarrassment.  And by the way these are not crosshairs:

Anyone with a brain would know that.


  1. Everybody knows you did it Sarah.

    Sit down and shut up and eat that gross stuff you didn't hunt next to the mashed potatoes on your plate.

  2. I am a Democrat and a big supporter of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. I am not a supporter of Levi or Sunny Johnston, especially solely based on the fact that they are at odds with the Palins, another family that I do not support.

    I know you're too cowardly to allow this comment through but think closely before you respond to someone on IM. Many people hate you there, rightfully so.

    1. AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 at 2:00 PM

      I know you're too cowardly to allow this comment through but think closely before you respond to someone on IM. Many people hate you there, rightfully so.


      So you are IM's spokesperson now? Whatevers.

  3. CNN's squares do not make a target. It's an example of a big wall made up of smaller squares or rectangles because that's how they made it up. It is a projection screen and they can show pictures in each square or on the whole screen. No one was targeting Sarah Palin, not in the way she targeted Gabby Giffords and the other democrats who were running for office.

    Conclusion: Sarah Palin cannot ever let anything go, ever. The only way that she can call attention to herself is to produce another outrage at being "targeted" or to express delight that Katie Couric was going to be sued. It was 8 years ago. It's time to let it go. Sarah lost, and it was her own fault. She wasn't ready for prime time. And, she still isn't.


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