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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Throwback Tuesday: The Palin family brawl!

Don't cuss Willow!


  1. Liked your comment on IM. I am still laughing as Gretchen, Greta, and Shafly all in one day is the healing balm of Gilead on the sea of political sewage.
    I understand Eric Thompson not only collected over 55,000.00 from gofundme, but went on to a better job opportunity.I hope he doesn't continually have to look over his shoulder.

    1. I don't recall Eric Thompson collecting much more than $10,000 from his gofundme. That was OK, it protected his mortgage. He did get another job but I don't know if it was any better than the one he lost.

      Did you see the comment at IM about Levi's lawyer being Eric's brother? Those of us who knew about it at the time just about peed our panties laughing at what Bristol had to face in court the following Monday. I'm sure Bristol heard us.

  2. Papa, Alfa, Lima, India, Mike, Oscar,” Track Palin said, spelling P-A-L-I-M-O. You know what that means?

    It means you are so stupid you can't spell your own last name?

    Maybe should have tried Mike, Echo, November, Alfa,

  3. Track Palin is a pussy.


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