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Saturday, September 17, 2016

To the trolls

Ever since I started moderating blog comments you still comment anyway.  You know damn well I'm not going to let them through and I won't listen to you, so why even bother?


  1. Don't you know that the trolls get satisfaction out of it, knowing that at least you, SPHASH, get to read their diatribes?! They get sick satisfaction out of it. Sorry!

  2. I have completed my thesis study on celebrity obsession and as you may recall, it was your very own troll Alicia Manglesdorf whom I chose for my case study. I spent a fabulous week in Florida talking to people she knows or is related to- and the common thread was "she spends ALL HER TIME on the blogs defending the Palins even though the family has asked her to stop talking to/about them".

    It only took a phone call to J. Tiemessen to determine that official legal correspondence has been sent to Alicia not once but several times, asking that she "disassociate" herself from their online presence.

    Girl is nuts like a sundae.


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