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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Todd Palin posing with deceased animals and Bristol and Dakota are grifting again

From Sarah's Fecebook page

And the men... they brought home dinner.
Fresh organic pure protein from God's green earth. (I can't get skunked! It's my turn next.)

Considering all the injuries from Todd's "accident" no way he could carry those antlers.  A torn shoulder can take up to a year to heal, and the "accident" was in March.

And where is Track, still in lockdown at Jordan's?  And why isn't Dakota hunting with him.  Oh that's right he too's busy grifting so he can support Bristol and his adopted daughter:

And Bristol is doing her share as well, hawking her shit drinks again

bsmp2I want to give you all an honest review of @teamiblends tea. You know I've been drinking the Skinny for almost a month now, and it truly gives me a boost of energy every morning--which I need to keep up with these two! 
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  1. Oh Sarry! Hahaha your such a fraud! Ya know that DNA test just dug up graves overseas right? Oh right you knew all along...$$$
    Now how's that going to work out for you in Geneva young lady?
    The body never lies but you sure have for a long time Sarah Palin! I would say Sarah has a Black Heart! she ate the serpent

  2. Sorry, DUHkota, I'll wait for President Obama's memoirs instead. You know, the guy that hung the undeserved medal around your neck?? Talk about a portrait of courage!

  3. What's next?

    Palins selling velvet pictures of Elvis at a truck stop?
    The "what's in it for us" Todd and Bris could pick up side work. They know the lingo.

  4. What happened to Bristol's on-line endorsement of the hair curling iron? It isn't much of a business to promote a diet drink or healthy tea in a facebook post or on instagram. And Dakota has his Never Outgunned t-shirt business plus his endorsement of some guns and holsters.

    They are also selling something else, the image that they are a happily married couple. In the photo on Dakota's instagram, Bristol shows her wedding ring while keeping him at arm's distance. The photo on Bristol's instagram is also interesting, the couple is going out on date night. Bristol kisses Dakota, again with the body language between them saying something else. Bristol is showing off her LV bag (thanks Sarah or Dakota). Take a look at the strange shoes that Bristol is wearing. Those are the same ugly things that Sarah wore at the 40th anniversary of SNL. They are supposed to be the very expensive Louboutins. Really!! Are those expensive brand names the usual look for Alaska? What ARE they selling?

    1. the image that they are a happily married couple.

      Poor things, they look anything but authentic.
      All they do is pose.

      Duh is also selling his 'charity foundation'. All he does is have someone post to send money. He has not lifted a finger to educate, do interviews, get the word out and speak to the public about any of it.


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