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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Track Palin's case is now over

According to Alaska Courtview his case is now closed.

But that doesn't mean it's over.  I seriously doubt Track will stay clean without any real help as he has been battling alcohol and drug addiction since his teens and he is now 27.  He needs to check into Hazelden or Menninger clinic as they may be his last resort.  If not I would be surprised if he makes it to 30.


  1. It's only over until he fucks up again. He will. He's a Palin, most of them can't do anything right- but because they're such a lazy spoiled entitled bunch they never have to learn from their fuckups.

  2. He has probably screwed up again, as long as it can be concealed he will never have treatment other than what the Palins think is treatment.

    Something more like the Chris Kyle treatment, when he thought he was helping vets in Texas.

    It is curious that within this year both Todd and Sarah had their 'accidents'.

  3. How many weeks of 'treatment' did he have? Seven? Eight?Yeah, right! That is definitely enough to cure him of alcoholism and to treat his anger. NOT!!!! Any other person would be in treatment for a year or so, but not our sonnyboy, Track Menard!

  4. Jordan Loewe is still registered for baby gifts at The Bump. Her due date is Oct.7, less than a month from now. Has anyone see or heard anything about Jordan?

    1. There's a photo of her at Bristol's instagram. Posted just today, I think.

      I've always kind of felt sorry for Track. He could be a very handsome guy. Todd isn't his father, Sarah is his mother and he can't really seem to get a grip on all of his issues. I do not sympathize with his woman beating problems though. I wonder who he learned that from?!

    2. There is a photo of a very pregnant blond standing next to Track in a photo on Bristol's instagram. I guess that must be Jordan. She's going to have one big baby. Maybe someone should point out Jordan's figure to Sarah and explain that when Sarah flew to Texas to give a speech, and then flew back while she claimed to be in labor, that's what she was supposed to look like. Funny, no one on the Air Alaska remember seeing a woman who looked as pregnant as Jordan. As for Track and Jordan, good luck with that.

  5. Anonymous at 6:45, don't know who his father is, but Track looks too weak to be handsome, with his undefined jaw and chin. It was surgical "enhancement" of the lower mandible that coarsened Sarah's appearance and made Bristol look outlandish. Hopefully he won't go that route.

    It seems his future is in the crapper like the rest of this blighted bunch. I feel some sympathy for most of the Palin offspring, but none for the bully Track, whose military stint was a nonstarter, and who vents his alcoholic spleen on a woman.


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