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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump kids pathetic attempt to make their dad look like a halfway decent human being

From NY Daily News

If they don’t become the First Family, Donald Trump’s kids may have back-up careers as horror movie actors.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a photo of himself and his siblings to urge young people to vote for his dad — but the internet said the awkward shot looked more like a “Children of the Corn” movie poster than a savvy political ad.

“This is not a Republican vs Democrat election,” the photo of Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka read. “This is about an insider versus an outsider.”

The eerie image — which featured all three Trump kids staring emotionlessly into the camera and Eric hovering awkwardly behind his two older siblings — included the hashtags #millennialsfortrump and #studentsfortrump.

But the ad is much more likely to attract horror movie casting directors or those looking for a personal injury attorney than young voters, the internet said.


  1. Children of the con. (not mine, thanks to an anonymous wit).


    Joe Miller and Palin for President 2012- The Mr Sarah Palin is PISSED OFF at Joe Miller edition!!

    "On September 19, he appeared on Fox News Sunday with Neil Cavuto who addressed the rumor of a Palin presidential run, and asked Miller if he thought Sarah Palin was qualified to be President."

    "Miller’s non-committal response that there were “a number of great candidates out there” for the job fell far short of a Palin endorsement, and seems to have roused the ire of Todd Palin who launched an angry email blasting Miller on behalf of his wife. Palin sent the email on the morning of the Cavuto interview to Tim Crawford, Joe Miller and the Palins’ personal attorney, Thomas Van Flein (who also serves as Miller’s attorney.) In the email, Todd Palin instructs SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford to “Hold off on any letter for Joe. Sarah put her ass on the line for Joe and yet he can’t answer a simple question “is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President”. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.”"

  3. So how come we haven't seen a glimpse of the lovely Melania since her stolen speech? Did Donnie lock her in her suite? Is she searching for the perfect inaugural ball gown? Is she still busy getting ready for that news conference where she explains her immigration history? I know, she's going over the taxes before Donnie release them.
    These young adults, young white entitled spoiled adults, come off as mini-Donald, and are just as devious and dishonest as daddy. Please proceed, Mr. Bannon. So far your (lack of) campaign expertise is helping the Democratic Party quite well.


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