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Friday, September 16, 2016

Where is Melania?

She hasn't been seen or heard from since the RNC Convention.  Did Donald ship her back to wherever?


  1. She's sharing Putin's dacha with Wendy Deng and the rest of the oligarch's wives.

  2. They erased her website, fired all the nannies, cooks & housekeepers, and sent her home to perform housewife duty.

  3. She's too old and ugly now. Too much mileage on her. Time to trade for a newer model.

    I'm reminded of that old country song about Marie Lauveau - - -

    "But ol´ Handsome Jack said 'Good-bye Marie.
    You too damn ugly for a rich man like me.' "

    1. She very well could be off getting a "tune up and tighten" just so she's all healed up by election day.

  4. Mz Squinty eyes. Maybe she is doing more porn pics.

  5. Oh the humility! The rats always leave a sinking ship. Didn't Ivana once say,"Don't get mad, dahlink, get even!"

  6. I remember reading back at the very beginning of his campaign that she was against him running for President. She didn't want HER life upset like that and it appears she's made it quite obvious that she's not going to be an active FLOTUS if the worst should happen. Imagine how bad it's going to look if Ivanka takes her place.

  7. Her 'beautiful speech' was awful - quite aside from the plagiarism - so fake and cloying. Better to keep her out of sight.


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