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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hey look at me, look at me! And Todd too!

From Sarah's Fecebook

How is it that the dudes lucked out and got chairs over the last 20 years of VP debates minus one? Want a real test - try standing in 👠👠 for 90 mins #heelsonglovesoff

Poor Sarah is crying for attention again.  And this whining makes her look bad again.

Geraldine Ferraro stood during her VP debate and she didn't complain.  Hillary stood for 90 minutes during the last debate, is almost 70 and had a recent bout of pneumonia.  You Sarah was 44 at the time of your debate.  No ones fault you chose to wear your fuck me shoes.

Now let's get to Todd.

Living life vibrantly, that sounds familiar.


  1. Dumbass skank. Meanwhile, over on IM there's a post with grifter daughter Brissdul and the baby that belongs to Piper along with Tripp pretending to do homework while she grifts for dollars with her nasty energy drink. I still say - Piper gave birth and that baby looks just like Piper. I'm not wrong on this.

  2. No, he does not look like Piper. Look at all the hair on this one.

    1. Huh??! What "him" are you referring to?? I'm talking about Sailor!


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